What we’ve been upto

We have been blessed to be able to continue working so our routine has somewhat been the same.

That being said we are definitely not out and about so we have found different ways of keeping occupied.

I mentioned one of those in my last post-cooking. It’s been a great way to get creative and excited. We have to eat so why not have fun with it?


I dug out some puzzles that we hadn’t attempted to help with any boredom. Mind you it’s been a week or so and we still haven’t gotten to the puzzles, but it’s just having them easily available and in easy access 🙂

I did buy a few books that I am looking forward to reading (again, haven’t started) but good for a rainy day. I know there’s Kindle and Audible, but I have always loved a good book in my hand. There is something so satisfying about turning the actual pages…just me?


Cleaning-I’ve always been a bit of a neat freak. I like my space clean and uncluttered. Ask my husband, it drives me absolutely bonkers to not have stuff in its place. Besides just the usual I do think it’s a good time for some decluttering and getting rid of things you don’t need.

Working out and walks have truly kept me going. I will be honest and let you know that recently I haven’t been as motivated to workout but if I am home I still do it. It gives me a good boost of endorphins and energy that I really need right now.

My husband had the genius idea of watching the Marvel movies and found a website showing what order it is best to watch them. We both LOVE these movies and the great thing about them is 1) they are each about 2 hours or more and 2) they are so empowering and gives you that feeling of you can do anything. Right now I think both of those things are kinda nice.

What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments!

The time we cooked

Hi friends! Since this is a food blog and the show must go on I have a food post for you today.

We have been trying to cook at home more for a few reasons. For one, social distancing, two, dine in is closed and three, it’s entertainment and we gotta eat!

That list obviously doesn’t include things like the food is more nutrient dense and being able to get as many colorful fruits and veggies for our immune health but that’s a given, yeah?

I wanted to share three things we have made recently. One of those things was the “fried rice” dish I shared a couple of posts ago.

We put so many veggies in here-broccoli, kale, bell peppers, and mushrooms. It was a yummy dish!


One day for lunch we baked up chicken legs. I learned a fun tip from Bon Appetit. If you salt the legs the night before, you will get some juicy and flavorful chicken.

Juicy and flavorful they were. We seasoned 2 with Sazon, 2 with our combo of seasoning and 1 with the TJs elote seasoning.


The elote and our combo was out favorite! Our combo was super simple-garlic and onion powder and some dry dill.

Because we seasoned with salt the night before it didn’t need additional salt. Gosh was it yummy!

If you have been reading long enough, you guys know how much we love burgers so that was on the dinner menu.


We made some fries from scratch and even though some were burnt, we really enjoyed them. These are great when you have some extra time to soak and dry the potatoes. I loved that they were baked and still turned out super crispy!


Did you guys know the chicken trick? Have you made fries from scratch? Are you trying out new recipes with this newfound time? Let me know!

Thanks for reading friends! I am going to try to keep up with my Monday and Thursday schedule, but I may miss a post here or there depending on how the week is going.

Until next time stay safe and healthy friends!

The new norm

Hello Friends,

So I haven’t actually written up a post in a minute because I had some that I had scheduled earlier. I have a couple of more scheduled posts that will be coming out, but I wanted to interrupt because there’s so much craziness happening in the world right now.

The hubs and I both work in healthcare so we have continued to go to work. I’ve only ever worked inside of a hospital (never a clinic or any other facility) and we are always taught to be flexible and keep moving along with change. The virus is definitely sharpening that skill in all of us.

In terms of day to day life we have been having way more meals at home. We’ll order out a couple of times a week just to change it up and not go completely crazy. We are also super lucky to live within walking distance of a couple of grocery stores so we can get our exercise when we have to get more groceries.

Speaking of exercise-that’s been a big change too. I love my workouts at home but I love switching it up with the gym. Since our gym has been shut down I’ve been trying to doing my HIIT sessions and tried to go for a jog today. Sadly running is always lousy for me with flat feet and shin splints so I need to figure something out.

I do think I will be making the most of the free workouts on YouTube and including some yoga for a little change up. We have been trying to get in some walks-again for sanity and fresh air.

There’s so much unknown and so we’ve been trying to keep somewhat of a routine and maintain our home as a safe and positive place for us to retreat to.

I am sending all of you guys so much love and hugs and positivity during these uncertain times. Please let me know what you’ve been up to and how you’re handling the changes?

I know together we can do this! Till next time friends!