Workout Favorites

Happy FRIDAYYY!! Today I wanted to share with you a few workout things I have been loving πŸ™‚

The first is Pilates…I’ve been really loving incorporating Pilates movements into my strength training. Whether I’m at home or at the gym these movements help target muscles I don’t normally use if I’m just strength training or doing cardio.

I actually took a couple of Pilates classes while I was in college and really loved it. It really warms up my muscles and feels like a good warm hug. I’ve been loving it and if you wanna try it out just hit up YouTube and put in “Pilates Workout.” You’ll find a workout you will love!

The next thing is this new resistance band I got from Amazon. It’s from the brand Ethereal Gym. It’s a fabric type resistance band and man has it amped up my home workouts. I still have my elastic bands, but I’ve been feeling the burn with this guy.


Going back to the Pilates-this band helps increase difficulty on some of those movements. I will say it’s a good idea to build up to this band if you are just starting to use resistance in your workouts.

Another “workout” type activity I have been loving is walking on the beach. It’s been hella hot in LA and especially in the Valley so hiking has been out of the question for me, but I do miss it. We’ve been loving going to the beach because it tends to be a little cooler by the water so we’ve been taking some strolls on the sand.

This is great because it is cooler by the water so I don’t feel overheated and cranky, I love walks, and walking in soft sand uses more energy since you’re trying to stabilize yourself.

The last item on this list is this massage roller device that looks like a scary torture contraption. I had received this back in March (I think?) in my Fab Fit Fun box. I used it for a little while then, but recently I’ve been interchanging it with my foam roller.


It’s been a great tool to roll on my legs after leg day. I feel like it goes deeper than my foam roller and does a great job at targeting my tensed up muscles.


Training at Home

Good morning sunshines! It has been a minute since I have had any workout content on my blog. That’s mostly because we’ve been going Β to they gym and there’s not much to report from there. I did want to talk to you guys about what I’ve been doing when I don’t go to the gym!

We have been having some delicious treats and to balance that out we’ve been trying to stay as active as possible. This means going to the gym when I’m off from work, walking as much as possible, and when I can’t make it to the gym getting in a good training sesh at home.


I recently made the leap and bought some resistance bands from Amazon and I have been loving being able to incorporate them into my workout. They are great for strengthening and toning up your body.

2017-12-08 12.46.34

I normally do my own routine depending on what I am feeling, but I am including some good resistance band training videos if you need some guidance πŸ™‚ These are great when you’re in a rut because they give can give you the workout inspo that you need.

Full Body Resistance Loop Workout

Total Body Mini Band Workout

Tone Your Legs, Tighten Your Tush

When I’m working out at home I catch up on YouTube videos and time flies, but I also look forward to the end of my workout when I can use my foam roller πŸ˜€ It’s seriously the best feeling.


I hope you enjoy the videos and let me know what your favorite at home workouts are in the comments below!