Restaurants Re-Visited

No matter how many times I say or write “we will be back” it seems like an impossible feat in LA. There are a few places that we do go back to often and you guys know because the food keeps reappearing on posts, but here are a few restaurants that we “re-visited” in anticipation of leaving LA and also because they are just so darn delicious!

Claudine’s is a place we’ve come to 4 or 5 times after discovering it. I absolutely love that they have some fun unique items on their menu. They literally have something for everyone whether you are looking for something healthier or a little indulgent-they have you covered!

Great White is a spot we visited over a year ago and it’s probably one of hubs favorite places because of their breakfast burrito. We re-visited and got the same things-breakfast burrito and chicken sandwich. The fries are nothing to laugh at either. Two words to describe the food? Messy and delicious!


Mendocino has some yummy sandwiches and our first love was the Study of Heat. We love going back quite possibly due to nostalgia. We are always looking for spots where they can open closer to us, but until then we are willing to make the drive or take a quick lunch detour upon spotting one 😉

What are restaurants you make the effort to re-visit? Let’s chat in the comments!


Lunch date

When you’re busy and missing bae a lunch date can cheer up your day 🙂 Am I cheesy or what?

Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen and move on, shall we? We’ve been busy people and so we found some time to catch up and grab some yummy sandwiches on a random Wednesday.


Sandwich Study of Heat

We recently stumbled into a Mendocino Farms and so we’ve been trying to find something new to try every time we go. This time we went with The Sandwich Study of Heat and K-Town BBQ Steak Sandwich.

2017-12-02 12.57.12

K-Town BBQ Steak

I’m a little addicted to sandwiches-what can I say?

We obviously had to end our date on a sweet note and we decided on some frozen yogurt. It really hit the spot!


What are some of your favorite ways to have a date day?