The title is not my best work, but sometimes something gets stuck in my head and I have to go for it…ya know?

We’ve been trying to up our fish game in this house and what I mean by that is just eating more fish. I pretty much eat vegetarian when we’re cooking at home and B has some chicken, but having a couple of servings of fish a week is really great for you.

We love salmon and have been enjoying the wild salmon from Sprout’s, ahi tuna, shrimp lettuce wraps, and even some sushi.

Blackened salmon has been the go to-I just love the spicy flavor and the crispy outside. You guys know we could eat roasted veggies everyday if you let us. I was totally inspired by Carly’s carrot fries and had to make some!

I will be completely honest and tell you that this ahi tuna did not turn out as great as we thought it would, but it still counted as another serving of fish 😉


I did serve it with peanut sauce and don’t worry friends, I added a lot more broccoli to the plate after taking this pic!

If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, I know I have posted about these lettuce wraps more than once. They are so delicious, fun, and easy! This is a great way to get in some seafood AND you could do it with salmon, seared ahi, whatever you prefer!


Hunida’s blogs always leave me craving sushi so while at Sprout’s I saw some rolls and picked them up. Grocery store sushi can be hit or miss, but these were good and I would pick them up in a pinch!


Fish is a pretty quick thing to cook up (it literally takes minutes) so I think it’s pretty good for a week day meal. I know the hubby and I have really been enjoying having fish back in our meals.

What’s your favorite kind of seafood? How do you like to prepare it?

Fishing around

It’s no secret we love food in this house and if we can combine that with being active-even better! We woke up in the morning and went to the gym before having a quick breakfast and heading back out for a hike with some friends.


Post-hike we all decided to grab food so we went to Carving Board for sandwiches. Since the hubs and I had just eaten we split a side salad and the Big Kahuna which is ahi tuna seared rare, cucumbers, seaweed, tomatoes, red onions, and their spread on a yummy brioche bun.


I loved the flavors of this and how well everything melded together. The side salad was really great too and perfectly dressed!

Post lunch our sweet tooths were coming out pretty ferociously and it was hot so of course, it was the ideal day for something cold and creamy! Our friends had just told us about SomiSomi and how good the taiyaki was so we couldn’t resist.


The taiyaki was chewy and crunchy and it was a perfect shell for the creamy soft serve. I ended up going with the ube flavor and the hubs got the milk flavor. Both were delicious!


Don’t kill me for this, but I think I may prefer taiyaki over a waffle cone now…

Have you ever had taiyaki with soft serve? Do you prefer it over the waffle cone?? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Oh the food we will eat…Mama’s Fish House

I will be completely honest the hubs did a LOT of the planning for this trip including this trip to Mama’s. He found it on Yelp, made reservations, and that’s how we spent our Saturday night in Maui.


We opted to walk because we lived literally right next door and this may have been a slight mistake since it started raining a bit, but immediately stopped after we arrived (Weather: 1 Us: 0).

Also, if you go it’s a great place to take pictures. The rocks and water make a great background. We actually saw so many people posing for photos…it was great people watching!

We were warmly greeted and told to walk to another little hut to check in and wait for our table. It was a quick wait and were taken to our table!



Once there we took in the vibe and view. The water and open lay out, the breeze that was flowing throughout-it was just amazing.

We had looked at the menu earlier and had an idea of what we wanted, but asked our server for suggestions. He was super friendly, easy to talk to and explained the menu very well.

At Mama’s you get complimentary soup and fresh baked bread. The soup was a curry carrot I believe. It was creamy and rich and the perfect little appetite teaser. The bread was warm and the butter was soft and I was basically the happiest girl in the world!



After this came out our delicious apps. We picked out two that sounded amazing:


One being the Macadamia Crusted Crab Cakes


The second was the Kula Avocado and Crab Guacamole


Both were delicious and fresh! The crab cakes were crispy on the outside but sweet and tender on the inside. The guac was THE best guac I have ever had…it had crab. How could you go wrong?


We also got the poi to try. Poi is creamy tapioca of sorts-it’s very mild in flavor, but our server said it went really great with fish. He was right! It added a nice oomph to our crab cake!

For our main we shared the Mama’s Stuffed Fish. It was stuffed with crab and lobster and coated with…you guessed it! macadamia nuts! The fish was flaky and perfectly cooked, the lobster and crab filling was sweet and added a nice contrast.


I won’t lie by the time our main came out I was pretty full, but after taking a bite I found some room 🙂



We were too full for dessert, but they gave us haupia. It’s a coconut dessert with texture similar to mochi. It was honestly the perfect last bite!


I cannot recommend this place enough. It’s pricy, but it’s worth it! It’s not a place you come and rush out, but somewhere to relax and take in Maui. It’s an experience! If you are ever in Maui and get the opportunity please, please go, but do make a reservation.

Later that night…


We ended up needing dessert so we made this creation with macadamia nut ice-cream, pineapple, passion fruit, and mochi. It ended up being the perfect last, last bite 😉

Have you been to Mama’s Fish House? What did you think?