Weekend Randomness

Weekends for me aren’t necessarily Saturdays and Sundays…they are basically any days that I am off and sometimes that falls on an actual weekend and sometimes it falls on a Tuesday. That is the beauty of inpatient nursing…that being said I did have an actual weekend, but a long one so I thought it would be fun to share that with you.

On days that I am off and hubby works I try to cook up something yummy, nutritious and different then our quick throw together stuff. Salmon is definitely one of those meals that gets thrown into rotation-hubby loves it when salmon is on the menu and it fits into that yummy and nutritious category.


We had this piece of salmon with some roasted cauli and since we had a few carrots leftover I roasted those up too.

I’ve been enjoying rice bowls for lunches/dinners recently. I have honestly never been a rice person, but recently I’ve been craving it. I love throwing in whatever veggies we have on hand along with some beefless ground and this green sriracha from Trader Joes.


When hubby and I finally had the chance to go out we hit up a Mediterranean spot, The Diplomat, to get in some good eats. To start we had the hummus, pickles, and falafel.



We ended up sharing the lamb chops for our main. I think the hummus may have been one of my favorite parts of the meal. It was so smooth and creamy!


On Sunday morning, post HIIT I toasted up a Kodiak Cake waffle (yes, still eating them!) and spread some peanut butter and mashed up some raspberries on top. Will be doing this again!


During our grocery run we ended up hungry and found ourselves in the car eating rotisserie chicken and some cake we picked up from Porto’s. The carrot cake was my favorite outta the two and I will definitely be adding that to my list of items to get from there.


We wrapped our weekend with In n’ Out and flan from Porto’s along with a nice long walk. I hope you guys enjoyed the post!

What’s your favorite weekend thing to do?


What we’ve been doing and eating

It feels nice to be somewhat settled in and writing once again! We have finally moved into San Bernardino County and managed to somewhat organize ourselves and our lives.

Once we got everything situated into where we think we would like it we also started tackling alllllll the address changes with all the people. You guys-someone needs to invent a one stop shop way of doing this! It’s crazy how many people you have to call and how many websites you must visit to change your address.

Throughout all of the craziness we did manage to workout first thing every morning just to help the endorphins start flowing and get us both in a good head space to tackle whatever the day had in store!

During this time the cooking was minimal, but we did go out and get some fruit and snacky veggies (baby carrots).

We’ve also been trying to get a lay of the land through the food that is around us so we’ve had some fails and wins-some I took pictures of and some I did not.

My hubby loved these donuts and I thought they were mediocre…

You guys are going to think I’m nuts, but since moving here I have discovered Denny’s. I’m not crazy, but I am obsessed with their veggie egg white skillet. Only, I get it with poached eggs and it is so freaking good! I wish I had gotten a better picture, but such is life when you’re post-gym hangry πŸ˜€

I also got these strawberry pancake puppies from there because again #hangry and they smelled and tasted like heaven. I could only manage to eat one, but that one was so good I ate another. I saved the rest and tried them later that night and you guys-still incredible!


Another day’s bagel-I love a good everything bagel with lox and cream cheese. This one had tomatoes, onions, and capers too!


We went to Berries for frozen yogurt. They don’t have too many flavors, but they will take whichever flavor of yogurt you pick and smash/mix in any add-ins. It’s very similar to Marble Slab or Cold Stone, but with frozen yogurt. We picked a vanilla base with strawberries and chocolate chips. Since it was frozen yogurt it got melty pretty fast, but man was it yummy!


We’ve been trying out a local cake place and so far it’s been kind of a hit and miss situation. One we loved and some others not so much…


We went to Waba for a healthier fare and enjoyed our bowls! I was so full after this because I literally inhaled it down-totally worth it!


One particular day we headed back to LA and I had “snacks” in the form of tacos from Tocaya.Β After anything savory I immediately need sweet and so we stopped at Eataly and picked up these adorable treats!

I’m cutting myself off there and hope you guys are having a great start to the week!



Seared Steak with Cacio e Pepe Potatoes

Steak! Mashed reds with cheese and pepper! Sign me up!!


This was our last recipe from week with Plated and to be frank, it almost didn’t happen. We almost caved and got pizza, but than perseverance persevered and we dove in with enthusiasm πŸ˜€ HA! Actually, we realized the time to get pizza and the time involved with making this meal was about the same so we decided to not be bums and cook!

This recipe required a bit more prep in terms of chopping and boiling and such so I would say save it for a day when you have a little bit more time. This dish was steak and potatoes taken up a notch.


The steak was served with a fresh bruschetta type topping (tomatoes, basil, and onion) and the potatoes had black pepper, cream, butter, and an ample amount of parm to really amp it up.

This was one of my favorite dishes in the group. The steak was flavorful, the bruschetta topping on the steak added a nice bite of freshness. The potatoes were creamy, but not so mashed that they were too creamy.


Overall, I really, really enjoyed Plated. I love that they include some sort of side with most of their dishes and I love the use of ingredients that I am not familiar with. I think this would be a subscription that I would continue to use.

I will keep you updated on our subscription journey meanwhile let me know of any subscription boxes you guys enjoy…food related or not!

Grand Central Market and Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

I don’t know if you know, but we moved to California a little more than a year ago and since than we have been loving exploring California by means of all the food.

Most of our adventures involve food (what good adventure doesn’t??) and this was absolutely no different.


We started our adventure sweet with a cruffin from Mr. Holmes. This is something I had been wanting to try for a long time, but our timing never seemed to allow a pit stop. So today, we decided to play it safe and make this our first stop.


We went with a chocolate cruffin. The outside was covered in delicious sugar and the inside filled with the most creamy chocolate filling. The chocolate filling totally made this croissant/muffin hybrid!

It was a sweet pit stop (no pun intended πŸ˜‰ ), but we were still hungry for more so on we went to Grand Central Market.


Grand Central Market resides in DTLA and the only way I can describe it is by saying if Pike Place and Anaheim Packing House had a baby, well, it would be the GCM. They have vendors selling produce and meat and then they have coffee shops and places to eat.

We perused the parameter till we came across Prawn. It’s a seafood place offering everything from lobster rolls to paellas. We decided to try the crab salad roll which had blue crab and a Scottish salmon grain bowl.


The grain bowl came with pesto, pickled onion, and cabbage over a bed of brown rice and barley. They steam the salmon in a shiitake mushroom and seaweed broth. This dish was immensely warming…it seemed like the perfect dish if you were sick or needed something comforting on a cold day. We were not sick nor was it cold (it was actually very hot), but we still loved the bowl.


The crab roll was really good and served in a nice soft bun. It was sweet and savory and completely delicious!

After all the savory, we were ready to be back to sweet so to Frog we went for frozen yogurt πŸ™‚

There ends our adventuring for the day…

All in all, it was a very good day of eating and exploring! I am curious though, having you guys been to GCM? Do you have a favorite place to eat there?

Leftover Transformations

“Transformation” may be a little dramatic, but I really do like to pizazz up (is that an actual saying??) my leftovers! It can be leftover take-out or just left-over ingredients from previous recipes.


Here are some of my favorite transformations as of late:

This shrimp and zoodles included leftover crushed tomato and leftover pesto. I made two different types of zoodles (one with tomatoes and one pesto)! Both were delicious and nothing went to waste!


After making zoodles I had 1 zucchini leftover…what is a girl to do? I made breakfast tacos πŸ™‚ I seasoned (and spiced) up chunks of zuch and added in eggs and cheddar cheese. It was spicy and savory and oh so good πŸ™‚


This last one is a take-out transformation, but it was pretty simple (not really a transformation at all…). I took my left-over pad thai and threw in another egg #protein and stir-fried in some cruciferous mix for extra health!