When in Hollywood…

Do the Hollywood Hike?!?!? Or maybe it was when in Hollywood eat some Japanese pancakes? No? Just me?!

We woke up bright and early to do the Hollywood Hike which despite lack of motivation at the beginning ended up being quite rewarding. It’s a steady up hill climb, but nothing crazy.


After having hiked we build up a nice appetite and found a sweet little brunch spot at WKNDR.


We ordered the chicken sandwich, like we do.


Then we ordered the Japanese pancakes and my life was changed.


The chicken sandwich was a good chicken sandwich-crispy chicken, soft bread, etc. But the pancakes were literally like eating cake. It was moist and once drizzled with syrup they were sweet and amazing!

Post brunch dessert ended up being a walk with some fruit cart fruit. It was tangy and salty and sweet-a perfect little ending to a sweet little brunch 🙂


Have you tried Japanese pancakes? What did you think??

Lunch at Smorgasburg

If you’ve ever been to any type of food truck/market/vendor event then you know it’s hard to not just hop from spot to spot trying a bit of everything. That is normally what we do at Smorgasburg, but this time around we showed some restraint (we can’t believe it either) and had an actual mini-meal of sorts!

We started off with some sweet potato fries from The Plant Burger. These were seriously the best sweet potato fries ever. They were thin and crispy and salty and sweet. Just perfection!


We had to try out the fried chicken sandwich from Bolo’s. This is a Jidori fried chicken in a Hong Kong buttered bun. It was saucy, fresh, and delicious.


We wouldn’t be us if we don’t end our meal with something sweet so we went for Chichidango and got the strawberry passionfruit flavor. It was so refreshing and sweet, but the ice and fruit prevented it from being overly sweet.


We love Smorgasburg and enjoyed checking out these new vendors! Have you tried any of these spots? Tell me about it in the comments below!