Hello Fresh: Burgers

This is the last meal in my Hello Fresh review and let me say it ended on a super delicious and delightful note 🙂


If you have seen any of my past posts you know that we do enjoy a good burger and it’s one of our favorite things to make when we’re at home. Based on our burger love alone we figured this would be a favorite for the both of us and it was!

This burger had delicious balsamic onions and garlic aioli spread all stuffed inside of a brioche bun. Instead of making a side of fries-it came with cauli and panko so we could make cauli fries! Similar to the other two-this meal had very little prep and it all came together pretty quickly.


The cauli fries were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The burger was amazing. The onions were super flavorful and added a nice balance to the rich aioli.

I would say this was my favorite meal out of the three, but I also know that this is something we could have (and we have) made at home.


If you have tried Hello Fresh let me know your thoughts and some of your favorite meals down in the comments! Happy Monday everybody!!