Things that annoy me

This is in no way meant to offend anybody, but I love reading these kinda posts and having that “hallelujah” moment so just grab a snack and have a good laugh, a vigorous nod because you get it, or leave me a comment if you’re like “you’re nuts, I love that.”

Numero uno, when I’m at the gym and doing cardio I don’t like having someone on the machine next to me IF there are multiple of the same machines open. I totally get it when there is only a few of the same type of equipment and you have no choice but to get on the one immediately next to me, but if there’s 15 in a row and nobody else is on the other 14 why must you be right next to me? WHY??

You guys, I’m a very friendly person and I am not a road rager type personality, but oh my ‘lanta does it really get under my skin when someone is in the far left going 55 in front of me and there’s no way for me to pass them, but I can see miles and miles of space in front of them and the vehicle in front of them. Is this just me?

Cellulite-why is this a thing? Also, why is it that women are more prone to having them? It’s not like we don’t have enough on our plate! I workout and eat right a majority of the time, but I definitely have some cellulite on the back of my legs and butt. Am I going to stop eating cookies? No. Do they annoy the crap outta me? Yes!

That’s all the annoyance I have in me for today! Let me know what bugs you if anything and if you find any of these things annoying or if you absolutely love/don’t mind the things I mentioned. Thanks for reading!