The title is not my best work, but sometimes something gets stuck in my head and I have to go for it…ya know?

We’ve been trying to up our fish game in this house and what I mean by that is just eating more fish. I pretty much eat vegetarian when we’re cooking at home and B has some chicken, but having a couple of servings of fish a week is really great for you.

We love salmon and have been enjoying the wild salmon from Sprout’s, ahi tuna, shrimp lettuce wraps, and even some sushi.

Blackened salmon has been the go to-I just love the spicy flavor and the crispy outside. You guys know we could eat roasted veggies everyday if you let us. I was totally inspired by Carly’s carrot fries and had to make some!

I will be completely honest and tell you that this ahi tuna did not turn out as great as we thought it would, but it still counted as another serving of fish 😉


I did serve it with peanut sauce and don’t worry friends, I added a lot more broccoli to the plate after taking this pic!

If you’ve been reading this blog for long enough, I know I have posted about these lettuce wraps more than once. They are so delicious, fun, and easy! This is a great way to get in some seafood AND you could do it with salmon, seared ahi, whatever you prefer!


Hunida’s blogs always leave me craving sushi so while at Sprout’s I saw some rolls and picked them up. Grocery store sushi can be hit or miss, but these were good and I would pick them up in a pinch!


Fish is a pretty quick thing to cook up (it literally takes minutes) so I think it’s pretty good for a week day meal. I know the hubby and I have really been enjoying having fish back in our meals.

What’s your favorite kind of seafood? How do you like to prepare it?

Dinner at Home

I think one of the best things about the meal subscription boxes is that it has really inspired us to get back in the kitchen and make something awesome!

We were at the store trying to figure out dinner ideas when we found some ahi tuna on sale. We decided to grab it and make yummy, healthy meal out of it. We also decided to make a cauli/potato mash and have some broccoli for more #nutrition.


My plate-this was a LOT of fish…I could not finish it. Yes, I did put cheese on my cauli/potato mash 🙂

We had never made ahi tuna at home so we looked up some methods and decided to just sear and cook it all up on a pan. I had no idea, but apparently it’s better to leave it pretty rare because cooking it all the way through can cause a super dry piece of fish.


The hubby’s plate

We seared it for a couple of minutes on each side and left it pretty rare. The fish was incredible! Cooked, it was definitely more meaty than flaky. I can see why it’s called tuna steak!

I loved this meal, but the hubby was over the moon about how good this was. He is already planning the next ahi tuna night 🙂