Vacation Recap

Happy Thursday!

It might be a good idea for you guys to grab a snack and sit down for this post because it may run a little long. I’m going to try to recap a whole week into one “quick-ish” post πŸ˜€

Our vacation started with a drive out to Phoenix. It ended up being a quick drive with just one pit stop for gas, bathroom, and breakfast. We kept it pretty chill the day we arrived and explored the area we were staying as well as an outdoor mall.


There was a vegan festival going on so that was our plan for dinner but sadly it ended at 5pm and we missed it. We ended up going to Old Town Scottsdale to try to find some dinner. It being dinner time and the weather being nice the wait everywhere was pretty crazy. After much craziness we put our names down at Rehab Burger and walked around.

We grabbed some apps/snacks from another restaurant to hold us over. Nothing super exciting. Hummus/pita and chips/salsa held us over until we were finally called to our table.

This burger place was FANTASTIC. You must check it out if you’re in the area. The hubs and I shared a poblano burger without the cheese and just a basic cheeseburger and both were fantastic. I can’t tell you how much I couldn’t stop talking about this place. It was absolutely worth the wait!

The next day hub’s cousin had planned a day in Sedona which is 90ish minutes away from Phoenix. Sedona was so gorgeous and freezing! We explored a church and some areas with these cute local stores. While there we found some treats to try and shared this frozen chocolate covered cheesecake.


We grabbed some apps at a local vegan place before heading back home.


That night the fam surprised me with an ice-cream cake and singing! I died! It was so sweet (the singing and the cake) πŸ™‚

Monday March 2nd we woke up and had our last workout in Phoenix before showering and getting ready to head back to good ol’ California. Our drive, thankfully again, was not bad and we made it home around 3/4pm. This was basically a good recovery day. We threw in laundry from the trip and got a few groceries, a Red Box, and picked up the Habit for dinner.


Tuesday March 3rd we worked out and headed to Disneyland! You guys after living in SoCal for 3.5 years we still had never been and I was SO excited. I think we got there around 2pm and left around 8:30pm. A lot of walking but we are totally all about that.



To say it was magical would be an understatement. I think we were both overwhelmed by all of the things. After entering the park we realized a parade was about to start so had to stop and see that. We also stopped and got some refreshments-a turkey leg and a churro. After a few rides we got some of the Mickey beignets! Everything was delicious!

We were so exhausted by the time we left but had a ton of fun!

Wednesday March 4th we headed to Disney’s Adventure Land. This day didn’t go as well sadly…once we arrived I saw that they had this crazy water ride that was just about to open as we were walking up. I didn’t realize how wet we would get and we hopped on and got completely soaked. The rest of our time was spend with completely soaked shoes and socks. We were so cold after the sunset and miserable! We did see Frozen and walked around, but couldn’t handle it anymore and left after a few hours.


Thursday March 5th was the birthday and I wanted to keep it pretty chill after all the go, go, go! I opened up presents from the hubs and that night I wanted some wings so we went to Fire Wings. They were delicious!


Friday March 6th we ran some errands and headed out to LA to have dinner with a friend from out of town. She wanted to check out Catch LA! The place was so gorgeous! The food was super tasty and I can’t wait to share more about it on a later post πŸ˜‰


Saturday March 7th we went for a hike and finished up some grocery shopping for the upcoming week. We stayed closer to home and had AYCE sushi at Sushi Martini for dinner with a friend!


We did stop by Cheesecake for the chocolate tower truffle cake and the chocolate fudge cake. They got the order wrong and gave us a fudge cake and a lemon mascarpone cake but no chocolate tower. Hubby went back to return the lemon mascarpone and they ended up letting him keep it and gave him the correct chocolate tower truffle cake (our fave)!


On Sunday I had some vacation blues but kept it going by getting in a workout and getting ready for the week. We also filed our taxes on our own for the first time…whaaat?? Major adulting happening over here you guys!

Anyways I really hope you all had a lovely week and that you’re as excited about the weekend as I am! Now that I have run down my vacay week, let me know what your weekend plans are?

I’ll see you sweets on Monday!

Birthday Gifts

Aaand we are back from vacation and back at it at work but I thought it would be fun to share what hubby got me for my birthday.Β He is extremely sweet and thoughtful and attentive and he did a great job with these gifts!


I adore See’s Candy and I cannot get enough of their chocolatey goodies. Have you guys ever had some good chocolate and then had a butterfinger or something? I’ve done that with See’s and let me tell you-you can taste the quality! I’ll step off my soap box, but B made me a box of my favorite chocolates. They were fantastic!


I know I wrote a post on some workout leggings I got last year from Old Navy. I talked about how great they were and it didn’t make sense for me to get Lululemon. All that being said B had gotten me a pair of Lululemon’s in 2015 and they are still going strong. The quality is that great. When we stopped into a store I mentioned that I thought a pair of leggings were cute and how nice the color was. Welp, he got them for me and they are so stinkin’ cute!


The last thing(s) he got me were these perfumes from Dossier. I had seen quite a few ads on my Insta about them. I checked it out and they were supposed to inspirations of higher end perfume but sold at a much lower price point. There was a quiz to take to figure out which perfume is for you. Hubby took this quiz 5 times as me to figure out what they recommended and ended up ordering me Fresh Floral 2, Floral 2, and Oriental 2. You guys know how much I love floral so I was surprised that I enjoyed the Oriental 2 perfume so much. It may be my favorite?!


I will definitely be doing a little review post on the leggings and perfume in a month or two. Let me know below what you think of any of these items? Have you tried Dossier? What did you think?



Vacations and Adventures

Hello lovely people!

I am scheduling in this post because I am currently in the process of doing a staycation and enjoying my week off! I will not lie to you…I don’t know how many pictures I’ve taken or how much food I’ve eaten, but I will share what I did very soon!

By very soon I mean I’m hoping it’ll happen in the next couple of weeks. Iiiiif it doesn’t don’t hate me πŸ™‚

We did a little mini trip to AZ during the beginning of the week and enjoyed some time at Disneyland (our first time!) during the second part.

What have you guys been up to during this first week in March? Also is anybody ready to spring forward this weekend?!

All the best and see you next time!