What we’ve been doing and eating

It feels nice to be somewhat settled in and writing once again! We have finally moved into San Bernardino County and managed to somewhat organize ourselves and our lives.

Once we got everything situated into where we think we would like it we also started tackling alllllll the address changes with all the people. You guys-someone needs to invent a one stop shop way of doing this! It’s crazy how many people you have to call and how many websites you must visit to change your address.

Throughout all of the craziness we did manage to workout first thing every morning just to help the endorphins start flowing and get us both in a good head space to tackle whatever the day had in store!

During this time the cooking was minimal, but we did go out and get some fruit and snacky veggies (baby carrots).

We’ve also been trying to get a lay of the land through the food that is around us so we’ve had some fails and wins-some I took pictures of and some I did not.

My hubby loved these donuts and I thought they were mediocre…

You guys are going to think I’m nuts, but since moving here I have discovered Denny’s. I’m not crazy, but I am obsessed with their veggie egg white skillet. Only, I get it with poached eggs and it is so freaking good! I wish I had gotten a better picture, but such is life when you’re post-gym hangry 😀

I also got these strawberry pancake puppies from there because again #hangry and they smelled and tasted like heaven. I could only manage to eat one, but that one was so good I ate another. I saved the rest and tried them later that night and you guys-still incredible!


Another day’s bagel-I love a good everything bagel with lox and cream cheese. This one had tomatoes, onions, and capers too!


We went to Berries for frozen yogurt. They don’t have too many flavors, but they will take whichever flavor of yogurt you pick and smash/mix in any add-ins. It’s very similar to Marble Slab or Cold Stone, but with frozen yogurt. We picked a vanilla base with strawberries and chocolate chips. Since it was frozen yogurt it got melty pretty fast, but man was it yummy!


We’ve been trying out a local cake place and so far it’s been kind of a hit and miss situation. One we loved and some others not so much…


We went to Waba for a healthier fare and enjoyed our bowls! I was so full after this because I literally inhaled it down-totally worth it!


One particular day we headed back to LA and I had “snacks” in the form of tacos from Tocaya. After anything savory I immediately need sweet and so we stopped at Eataly and picked up these adorable treats!

I’m cutting myself off there and hope you guys are having a great start to the week!



Let’s Chat

Get your coffee, tea, wine, snacks, etc and let’s catch up, yeah? First of all, happy April! 2019 has already been very exciting and there’s more fun and excitement to come 🙂


I think I had mentioned somewhere that we may be moving out of the LA area for hubby’s new job (remember the TX posts?). Well, we will be heading a couple hours away from LA to San Bernardino County! We are feeling excited, nervous and a lot of other emotions. I am super proud of him and everything he has accomplished! I got lucky, he’s hot and smart 😉

Due to those changes we are going to be adults and have to sell our house! It’s crazy and we’re a tad nervous about it and it will be a learning experience. After doing a little looking around I think we’ve found our realtor so that’s one thing checked off, now for the other half a million things. #adulting

With that move comes figuring out where we should move to and whether I should stay at my current job or find a new one. Lots of pros and cons to both, but I’m leaning towards not commuting and finding a position in the area. I’m bummed that I may be leaving a great group of people, but again I am so proud of B (refer back to paragraph 1).

Speaking of work related things I had been encouraged by my Director to apply for a leadership conference and I actually got it! We will be traveling to San Diego for 3 days at at time for that and I am over the moon. I know it’ll be a great learning/growing opportunity.

In terms of stuff coming up, we do have some fun travel plans. First to Philly where B has a conference. I’ve always heard what a cool place it is to explore and you guys know I travel to eat so stay tuned for possible philly cheesesteaks.

Oh! From Philly we head to NY! I cannot tell you how excited I am for this trip! NY is definitely a place B has been wanting to revisit and I’ve been wanting to visit. The sights, the food, the vibe-I’m bursting at the seams to see, taste, feel everything and being able to go and explore Philly before is like sprinkles on an ice-cream cone!

I’ve talked for long enough so I’m cutting myself off here. I hope you guys enjoyed this catch-up! What’s going on in your life? What’s new? Any travel plans? Let me know!


Ikea…My Storage Hero

You probably don’t know this, but we have moved 🙂 That is, of course, total sarcasm! I feel like I’ve written a lot of posts on moving and painting and furnituring. Anyways, our new home doesn’t have too much in the way of storage so we have had to get a tad creative with our space.

Ikea has been our go-to place to find some cute ways to stash our things. We’ve also been using crates and baskets to keep everything looking neat and tidy! Having a bunch of stuff laying out drives me a tad crazy so you could say that the crates have been helping me keep my sanity 😀

Let’s move on to all the things:

This little nook is actually at the entrance of our home and I kinda love it. The coat/purse rack you are seeing is from Ikea and I am planning on getting a couple more for our closet. I’ve always wanted a place to hang all my bags and I think this will do wonderfully. Since it is also in the picture the mirror is from Home Goods and the key hook is from Target.


Yes that is a gold frame leaning against our staircase…long story short, it was a part of the light fixture in our kitchen. The hubs decided to take it all down! This grey piece was supposed to go in the entryway, but ended up being too big. We opted for the area in our staircase. We are using it as the catch all table. We’ve hidden some random rubber bands and sticky notes in the drawers and no-one’s the wiser.


Let me start by saying that this thing is MASSIVE! Our initial plan was to get one that had wider sides, but they didn’t have all the pieces. Well thank the good Lord for that because  this “smaller” one fits a LOT better in our space. I love the farmhouse vibes it gives me 🙂


I love beverages and this utility cart from Ikea has become the thing that holds all our beloved drinks! It’s cute, has wheels, and gives us plenty of hydration…what more could one girl ask for?


Gray shelving unit to hold all of our sweets and snacks. It’s the perfect size and I love the minimalistic openness of the whole thing. We got all three of the bigger crates from Ross and the two at the top are from Target!


I’ve been really enjoying seeing this house become our home. It hasn’t been the smoothest of rides, but we are putting a lot of love into this place and it’s rewarding to see it become ours.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite Ikea finds are. Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies!

Home Favorites

I think my favorite part of the moving process has to be shopping for home items. Target has always been a bestie, but now that list has grown to include Home Goods, Ross, Ikea and so on. I wanted to share with you a few finds that I am just loving!

These coasters. I just think they are so beautiful!


Salt and pepper shakers from Target. We didn’t need them, but they just were going to go so well with the rest of the house so how could we not?!?


A fruit bowl. We didn’t have one (we had been using a colander) so this was a great find at Home Goods 🙂


This crate. It’s been great for stashing away cups and bowls so everything looks nice and neat.


What are some of your favorite items that you have in your home?

Paint rolling…the new workout craze

Did you know that moving is basically like one big, fat workout? Well, trust me friends. It is. Rolling paint onto walls? Another workout. My whole body has been sore the past couple of weeks. As the housework has slowed down and the sore muscles have been soothed we started looking for a gym.

We had been super blessed to have a built in gym at our previous apartments, but now that we moved into our own little home we knew we wanted to find a nice little place to get in a good workout.

We tried out a few gyms in our area, but have finally found one that we both loved! I cannot even tell you how excited I am.

You don’t need a gym for a good workout, but I absolutely love going. I love the different cardio machines for my quick cardio session. I adore playing with all the machines and figuring out how they work. It makes working out fun for me!

What is your favorite way to sweat it out? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, happy weekending my loves!

Moving Updates cont.

We’ve been hard at work over here trying to make our new house a comfortable home. I get more and more excited as I see the parts coming together!


Forgive the mess, it’s a work in progress!

We’ve found some adorable sofa chairs and a couch…it’s absolutely amazing to have a place to sit and watch some VEEP after a long day!

We are basically done painting except for the kitchen and the half bath downstairs.

The carpeting needs to be changed on the stairs and in the bedroom, but that should hopefully be happening by the end of this week. We’ve been waiting to move upstairs until that’s been done. Sleeping on our mattress on the living room floor has been a fun little adventure, but I think we’re both ready for a proper bed!

All in all, it’s been kind of a whirlwind these past few weeks. Thankfully, we’re still standing and all is well. I’m planning on having another post up on Friday to get back into the blogging world.

Have a great week! See you guys Friday 🙂

Moving updates

We have finally moved into our new place and are working on all our renovations 🙂 We have placed our bed in the living room while we paint the bedroom and hallway. The master closet and bathroom need to be painted next!

We have decided to change the carpets in the upstairs and so we figured it would be better to wait and wrap that up before moving our bed upstairs.

Once we move our bedroom furniture out of our living room we will start the painting downstairs. It’s nice to see the changes we have already made, but it’s also slow going since we both work full-time jobs.

We’re excited about having our own little home and finding fun things for it. It’s been a journey for sure!

Until things get a little more settled I will be doing weekly posts with move updates, foodie things, or whatever else I happened to be thinking about. I appreciate all your well wishes and support on my last post. It means more than I can say!

Let me know if you have any tips, tricks, hacks to painting/renovating on a budget. We always appreciate the advice especially being  new to the process.

Until next time! Have a great week loves!!