Let’s Talk Collagen

I recently decided to do a thing. I decided to start taking collagen…


I feel like collagen has been everywhere recently kinda like coconut oil had been and after doing some research I thought it would be a good supplement to include in my diet. Let me tell you why!

1.I can almost guarantee I am not getting enough from food sources. I don’t drink bone broth, eat enough meat, or gelatin to help me in any way.

2.Collagen is great for bone strength. Again I don’t drink milk (dairy) and I have a small frame and my momma has osteopenia-this girl doesn’t have time for that low bone density life.

3.I love skin care, but I don’t want to use 30 products to “stop the aging process.” Collagen can help with fine lines and helps keep your skin youthful.

4.Along with skin benefits it is great for nails and hair. I feel like I’ve been shedding like nobody’s business so maybe this will help!

5.I have cellulite-it’s an annoying part of womanhood, but what can you do? Take some collagen apparently 🙂

Now, this is why I started taking collagen, but we will see if it’s effective. I just started taking it, but I can keep you guys posted on if I notice any changes.

The one that I take is the one pictured above and it says you can mix it with water or OJ. I highly suggest you do NOT mix it with water-I tried and it was gross.

The OJ suggestion is because apparently Vitamin C helps with the absorption of collagen. The way I have been using it is by mixing it in with my morning coffee. It becomes tasteless and all I can taste is my delicious cup of joe.

Have you guys used collagen? What do you think? Have you seen any improvements?

Friday Faves

Hello sweet people!

Are you guys as ready for the weekend as I am? I am super ready, but before the weekend starts I thought I would bring you a few things I have kinda been liking hard.

This was a gift from the hubs parents when they visited us back in January and I just love it. I have super tiny wrists which make bracelets and watches hard to find and I just never like they way they look. This one has this beautiful gold and the strap is a lovely tan leather. I think it’s so pretty!


You guys know the hubs gifted me with a Fab Fit Fun box for my birthday and it had this face cream in it. I honestly have been loving it! I have combination skin (normal on the parameter of my face and oily t-zone), but I don’t like matte anything. This is a light-weight lotion that does a great job at moisturizing and leaving my face with a lovely glowy finish.


Easter is over and done, but I found this bowl and spoon and couldn’t help but buy it. I mean it is light pink and has ears and whiskers-how could I not buy it?? It’s supposed to be a dip bowl, but I will probably use it for cereal or ice-cream or something else.


My last favorite is this make up mirror we had bought from Costco a few months ago. I wasn’t completely sold on it, but I can now say I am a fan. It’s really handy when both hubs and I need to shower because I can shower and do my makeup in the bedroom instead of hogging up the bathroom with makeup time.


I know I always ask, but what have you lovelies been loving? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

FabFitFun Unboxing

I love hauls and I love unboxings…what can I say? One of my favorite unboxings to watch/read about is FabFitFun. They have such cool, fun stuff!

The hubs got me a box for my birthday and it was so so awesome to be able to open it all up and see what was inside. I didn’t read the little magazine they have before going through it because I love the surprise factor 🙂


The box itself is seriously so gorgeous! I loved the colors of this one and even more than that I loved the “Girl Rising” theme.

One of the first items I got my hands on was this beautiful lippie palette. The packaging is sleek and weighty and feels like good quality. I’ve never thought about buying a lip palette, but this one has more than a few colors that I think may work for my skin.

The next item was this body butter from Korres. The smell is fruity and beachy all at once…I’m obsessed! I also love the tube instead of the usual tub that body butter tends to come in.


This eye mask is super cute and functional! You put it in the fridge and then you can put it on your eyeballs so it depuffs and soothes.


THIS CLUTCH. OMG. It’s floral and on one side and this gorgeous turmeric yellow on the other. It’s totally reversible and spacious and I can’t wait to use it!



I’ve used a few Murad products before including their vitamin C serum, but never a moisturizer. I will have to get into this guy after I get through my current face moisturizer, but I am super excited to try it out 🙂


These earrings are so lovely and light! I’ve been hesitant to get tassle style earrings because I was worried about how uncomfy and heavy they would be, but these are gorgeous and pretty comfortable!


I love candles and this one definitely brings major beach vibe smells to the house. I love the coppery holder too. I almost don’t want to light it because so I can savor the scent, but we all know I’m lighting that sucker #immediategratification

I always buy drugstore nail polish bases and top coats so spending $16 on one seems a little far fetched for me, but I am more than happy to use it since I got it in this box. I’m interested to see if it makes a difference. To be fair this is supposed to help healthify your nails not just be a base coat…that may explain the price?!


We were talking about getting a new foam roller and although this isn’t a foam roller I feel like it’ll do a great job at rolling out all of my sore muscles. We tested it out and we both really like it so far!


One of the last items is a lovely little sample from Dove. It’s a macadamia nut and rice milk body scrub and I used it immediately (#immediategratification). You guys, this literally smells like cookies and I almost wanted to just take a glob and eat it. It is the most delicious smelling thing ever and the texture isn’t too rough. It’s a good balance where it doesn’t rip your skin off, but it does exfoliate.


I hope you enjoyed this unboxing as much as I enjoyed unboxing it 🙂 Do you do fabfitfun? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


Body Shop Haul

Yes ANOTHER haul, but let me explain!

California is DRY and I HATE dry skin. It’s tight and itchy and ashy and uncomfortable. It’s not my cup of jo! So when I saw that Body Shop was having a 50% off everything sale and Ebates was doing 8% back-I rejoiced and bought some body butters 😀


I love Body Shop body butters because they do such a great job of moisturizing, but they also leave your skin smelling so. freaking. good.

I’ve shown this in a previous favorites, but this Vitamin E one is thick and extremely hydrating. Great for when you are right outta the shower!


I’m a big fan of traveling with these as well since airplanes also leave my skin feeling parched so I bought a few travel size. These two from the spa collection are new to me, but both smell amazing!

Hawaiian Kukui Cream


Japanese Camellia


I’ve had a travel size of the British Rose just to test out, but since I loved it so much I got a regular tub. I love rose scented things and this scent just lingers on your skin and it really does leave your skin glowy and gorgeous!


The Moringa cream is light and sinks in and would actually be perfect for summer months so I think this will be saved for any summer travels that come our way.


The Shea is rich and hydrating and is great if you like sweeter scents as opposed to floral-y type scents.


I adore all of them! Do you have a Body Shop favorite or do you use body butters/creams/moisturizers from elsewhere? Let me know in the comments below!

Current Loves

Hello sweet friends! Welcome to another favorites video 🙂 this one is beauty themed. I’ve been thinking of having this post for a while, but there’s been so much food to share that this got shoved to the back.

BUT not anymore! Today is the day so let’s start with something I can’t live without:

I know I’ve shared this item on the blog before, but this is the portable one. No other chapsticks have come close to this cocoa butter Vaseline. The smell, the smoothness, and how much relief my lips feel when I slather this on is ridiculous!

IMG-20171203-WA0003I love smelling good and good smelling things (who doesn’t?) so here’s my first perfume favorite. The hubs got me this as a surprise monthiversary gift! Isn’t he just the sweetest! This smells like roses, but fresh, real roses-it’s just beautiful.


I had been wanting another travel size perfume and when I smelled this I knew that this had to be it. I’m not good at describing scents, but out of all the Elizabeth and James’ perfumes this smells the most fresh and floral (my favorite type of scent) 🙂


We found this necklace at a bookstore in DTLA. It felt like it was meant to be because after buying this we ran into the person that made the necklace! It just made the necklace that much more special.


This hand cream from L’occitane was a necessity. I was all out of hand creams for my purse and my hands were parched. I ended up getting this rose scented one as well as another floral one that I keep in my car for emergencies!

2017-12-03 12.12.18

What are some things you have been loving?? I would love to know! Let me know in the comments below 🙂



Target Haul

Let me start by saying that there is absolutely no food involved in this post! Can you believe it?? Major gasp! You guys know I love food, but I love Target and clothes and beauty too 🙂

I thought since I recently went to Target and bought a bunch of beautiful things I would haul them on here because it’s one of my favorite things to watch/read!

Here we go:

I have to start off on a low note and it breaks my heart a tad bit. This polish by Essie is so gorgeous. This color felt like such a beautiful summer/fall transition, BUT it chips so quickly! I always use a base and top-coat, but it still chips within the day. If you have any tips to prevent this pleeeeeasssee let me know!


Mrs. AlwaysRight by Essie

I did get this polish as well which I have not yet tried, but am excited to do so! It’s this beautiful dark red


Garnet Red by Sally Hansen

I got three tops that I absolutely couldn’t leave the store without…they are all floral and just seemed like good options for the fall and winter in Cali 😀

The first is a cold shoulder top that I have in another light blue color. I love the way that the blue one looks and wear it so often I had to get this one. It’s more summery and this feels more fall/winter vibes with the colors so it’ll be loved during the next few months.


This second one is a long sleeved top. I don’t know if you can see it, but it has a slight bell sleeve which I adored. It’s beautiful and flowy. The back dips a bit lower and has a cute tie so it can be tied up in the back!


The third is also cold shoulder with a bright red floral print, but it’s in this dark navy so it seems seasonally appropriate 🙂 The sleeve part has trim that makes it even more fem and girly. Major heart eye emojis!


I wasn’t in complete love with all of the items in this next purchase, but I saw donuts and I was sold. I mean c’mon how adorable are these??


This next item is functional and cute-I loved the soft, dusky pink. I had a bright pink wallet before this and it was nice and thin and fit everything. I wanted something similar and this one fit the bill!

Did you guys enjoy this non-food related post? I love hauls and thought it would be fun to do one of my own. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Not a Makeup Guru

Hello my loves! I will just let you know now that this is NOT a food post! I know can you believe it? I just could not help myself and had to share this beauty with you guys. Since the day I ordered it I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and it’s finally here!!


I am talking about the Nubian Palette and this Saharan Blush Palette from Juvia’s Place. If you haven’t heard of this company I highly suggest you check them out. They have some absolutely beautiful makeup and it’s pretty affordable. I was able to snag this eyeshadow and blush palette for under 40 bucks!


The pigmentation is amazing and I cannot wait to start playing around with it 🙂 I’ve been YouTubing tutorials all morning!


Let me know what products you have been excited about in the comments. Don’t worry food posts will be back soon!

Currently Favoriting

I’ve been a little giddy over a few things recently and I thought I would share them with you. Whaddya think?!

First, these cute mugs. We got them from our recent trip to Seattle/Portland and I feel like my dreams of starting a mug collection are finally coming true (heart eye emoji)


Fixer Upper. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Chip and Joanna Gaines are just adorable and this show is causing creative chaos in my brain.

I know I posted a body butter on my last favorites, but The Body Shop is definitely making it to this list. I recently bought a few items online and I am so excited for them to come in! Their body butters are super moisturizing and the scents are pretty bomb too 😉


What are you loving lately? Are you as excited as I am about shiplap and backsplashes?? Let me know in the comments below!

Faves on Fridays

OH man! It’s been a minute since I have officially done one of these, but I have a few things I have really been loving so I couldn’t help, but share them!

This almond milk and honey body butter from the Body Shop. It says it’s supposed to be super moisturizing for sensitive skin and I can honestly say it does just that! I’ve been really loving body butter in general and I always notice a difference in my skin after using it.


Friends on Netflix is another favorite…this is actually my second time watching it all the way through. It is just a great show and I still laugh out loud! Anybody else?!


How could I do one of these and not mention a food favorite, right? These mochis from TJ’s are amazing. That store never ceases to amaze me! The mango and strawberry are my current favorites, green tea flavor is good, and I have yet to try chocolate!


Last but CERTAINLY not least, is this beautiful Kate Spade crossbody. It was an anniversary gift from the hubs (insert gazillions of heart eye emojis here)


What have you been loving lately?! Leave a comment down below!

Skin Care

You guys know I believe in being a whole, healthy human and that includes skin care. I love watching the skin care videos on YouTube and feel super inspired by them, but after watching them I worry maybe I need to add more steps to my routine?!

So far it’s been working pretty well for my combination skin so maybe I am okay. Who knows! I guess only time will tell 🙂

Anyways, let’s jump into my skin care routine:

In the morning I start with a basic cleanser. I like this one by Mario Badescu. It doesn’t feel very harsh on my skin and the cleanser has the texture of gel so it’s soothing as well. At night I wash my face with the Simple Face Scrub. There’s no crazy smells or anything that could irritate my skin, which is great for me (and my skin).20170113_121143

After washing my face I pat dry and apply my face cream. I discovered these Alaffia cream after much research. It’s helped my skin quite a bit and helped with some random zits and scars I’ve had from said zits.


At night after washing my face I apply my Maracuja oil from Tarte. This stuff sinks in and is super light so if you worry about having a heavy oil on your face, try this. You won’t even notice it’s there!


Sometimes if I have a dark spot from a pimple or something I will spot treat with this Murad Rapid Lightening serum. It actually does work! On a fresh dark spot I notice big differences in a few days.


Once a week I will do a much more thorough scrub with whatever I happen to be trying out at the time. Recently it’s been this Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, but I also love the smell and feel of the Pumpkin Scrub by Peter Thomas Roth!


Besides that I don’t do much else! I will occasionally apply pimple cream if I happen to have some friends popping up on my face, but a majority of the time I keep it pretty simple.

I will say I have always thought about adding in an under eye cream in there somewhere, but I don’t know what’s good. I’ll take any recommendations!

For my body I moisturize after every shower, but I am terrible at doing it before bed. I like applying something heavier post shower/before bed. Recently it’s been this Body Shop body butter. As a nurse I wash my hands a LOT. I don’t think I really ever had dry hands before becoming a nurse, but now they just feel parched. So for before work or throughout the day at home I need a lighter moisturizer to sink in quickly, but also do it’s job well. This Aveeno one is freaking fab!


That’s really about it! Is your skin care routine simple or do you have many steps? Let me know down below!!