Comfort food and cozy vibes

I don’t know if it’s because the temps got slightly cooler here or what, but we’ve been eating some serious comfort foods and so I have some fun random pictures to share with you guys.

After looking high and low for a bagel place here we have finally maybe found one! I really wanted a bagel one Saturday and after a nice long hike we found one at 42nd Street Bagel Cafe. I got the super onion bagel with lox (they were out of the everything bagel 😦 ). This bagel reminded me so much of a NY bagel-it was chewy with a dense crumb and I would definitely come back and get some Sunday morning bagels!


This was a big comfort food night at Yard House. We ordered what felt like everything-the chicken lettuce wraps, buffalo cauliflower, roasted Brussel sprouts and potatoes, cheeseburger, and the truffle fries.


My favorite thing here had to be the lettuce wraps and they were so delicious that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them-so much so that I am making shrimp lettuce wraps tonight!

We grabbed some sweet treats from Sprout’s and some of these were good and others not so much. The glazed lemon cookie was a not favorite. The glaze was so sweet and didn’t pair well with the lemon cookie. The rest were actually pretty yummy!


In order to balance out all the comfort food I went to Panera and ordered a Mediterranean grain bowl. I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. The rice, chicken, hummus, and all the fresh ingredients were really delicious! I would get this again without the dollop of yogurt on the side.


I ordered this fish dish from Luna Modern Mexican Grill when I went out to lunch with the girls. It was pretty, but not the best thing I’ve ever had…


Of course, we love sweets a lot in this house and whether that’s cookies or ice-cream we’ve been eating it all!

Have you guys been feeling the need for comfort food recently? How are the temps where you’re living?

10 thoughts on “Comfort food and cozy vibes

  1. Brittany says:

    Oooh I had the mediterranean bowl this weekend too! I really liked it 🙂

    And as for my comfort food, I have been loving Panera’s autumn squash soup! The temp here has been cold and rainy so soup is just what I need 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    Mmm, I could go for a bagel with lox right now!

    We’ve been to Yard House once before but, I don’t remember what we ordered. When we go back, I’m def getting those lettuce wraps! Yum!

    I always drool over the bakery area in Sprouts but, can’t try any of it because it all has dairy. 😭 The treats you picked look delish, I’m glad you liked them all minus the lemon one!

    The fish did look sooo pretty– sad it didn’t taste that way!! I’ve been eating LOADS of comfort food lately, I was starting to shame myself LOL, now I’m blaming it on the weather. 😉

    Thanks for sharing all your good eats with us, Jess!! 💗

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    • Grubbing With Jess says:

      Hahaha I feel like blaming the season is the right move, but lettuce wraps are perfect no matter what the temp!
      I was bummed about the lox esp because it was a little pricier than the one I usually get, but I would have never known if i hadn’t bought it.
      I had no idea they all had dairy! That’s so crummy 😦
      We’ll have to find you some nondairy treats! Thanks for reading love!

      Liked by 1 person

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