Fun find and favorites

Hello and good morning!

I’ve recently come across some things that I am kiiindaa infatuated with and felt the need to share them with you.

Let’s jump in and get the show rolling…

My first favorite is tailoring 😀 I’m a pretty shmall human-I’m about 5 feet tall so I really should be getting more things tailored, but since I have recently decided to forego buying any new clothes I thought it a good idea to alter a couple of pieces to make them more “me.”

I had gotten a pair of summery/beachy pants from TJ Maxx and I got them shortened so I would actually wear them and I am super excited to wear them now that they fit better!

I also decided to shorten the sleeves on this Aritzia dress so now it’s more of a cap/tshirt sleeve situation. It makes it more wearable for me since California runs warmer and it’s definitely more my style!

This Lubriderm moisturizer with SPF is pretty fantastic. We needed a good, everyday moisturizer and this one seemed like a good pic since it had a little bit of SPF in it and I can be lazy about putting on SPF. There is a VERY light clean scent which I love!


Speaking of SPF this face moisturizer from Kiehl’s has been great for the summer. It’s much more lightweight than the cream formula (it’s the texture of drippy lotion) so it’s great for these hotter months when you don’t want a heavy cream on your face. It also contains SPF 30 which is great since I, again, suck at applying SPF AND it’s the same price as the cream BUT for more product! Win, win, win!


I’ve been wanting a pilling remover tool since I heard about it from YouTube, but I kept forgetting about it. I know there’s one on Amazon (let’s be honest, there’s probably 50), but we got ours from Wall-Mart and it’s the greatest, most satisfying invention in the history of man.


We primarily wanted it for an ottoman we had that was in great condition, but had a ton of pilling all over it. We used it and it did such a great job cleaning it all up and the ottoman looked so incredible. It was so satisfying to use it and see the pilling being removed and a beautiful ottoman being revealed. It’s also great for pants, jackets, really any fabric with pilling this will nip in the bud!

Okay, I love summer fruit and mangoes definitely top that list. I could literally eat mango all day…bowls and bowls of cut up mango, but for whatever reason I don’t seem to be good at picking them. On a recent trip to Costco I found these and I am so glad I did because once they are fully ripe they are so sweet and juicy! I highly recommend if you also have trouble finding that perfect mango. I’ve been through one container already and they have all been perfect!


Have you had any fun finds recently (or not recently)? Let’s chat in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Fun find and favorites

  1. Hunida says:

    Love that we are both small people, hehe. 🙂 I should start tailoring stuff, too! & I am the worst about using sunscreen! I keep hearing the best things about the Kiehl’s moisturizer… I may have to pick that up!! I had never heard of the fabric cleaner… I want one lol!! & yesss, mangoes are so yummy but super hard to find good ones. They get soft so fast. I wish I had a Costco membership!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Grubbing With Jess says:

      I highly recommend the tailor! Just make sure you tell them what you want.
      Kiehl’s is great and it’s just a quick way to moisturize and get in sunscreen 🙂
      I think you will really like the depiller tool. It’s so satisfying!!
      I love having a Costco membership! I highly recommend it. We even get gas from there!

      Liked by 1 person

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