Food Favorites

I’m sure you’ve figured out from the title of this post what we will be talking about! I love food and my favorites change all the time so let’s start talking about these before I move on 🙂

Both the hubs and I love a good gummy candy, but it’s super hard to find one that has no pork gelatin. AND if they don’t have it they tend to be super hard and not enjoyable at all. That is, until now! Trader Joe’s has these Scandinavian Swimmers (a knock off Swedish Fish). These are sooooo soft and the flavors are tasty! Try them if you love gummy candies!


This is one amazing hot sauce. It’s not just any hot sauce though it’s Peri Peri sauce. It’s spicy and tangy and so yummy! I dip my quesadillas in these all the time and it’s the perfect acid component. NOMS!


Okay, so my go to bread is usually sourdough, but I don’t like making PBJs with it. I really wanted some white bread, but still wanted some nutrients of whole grain. I found this in the grocery store and had to pick it up! It’s been really making my PBJs super yummy!


I love hummus (who doesn’t) and this Everything Hummus is everything. If you like everything bagels you will love this! I dip carrots, pita chips, crackers…whatever I can find in this. I bet it would make a pretty snazzy sandwich too 😋


That is all for my food favorites (for now)! Tell me what you’ve found at your grocery store and been loving!

14 thoughts on “Food Favorites

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Oohohhh I loveee gummies. I am stoked those Scandinavian Swimmers are from TJ’s too!!! Gotta keep an eye for them next time I go. We love Dave’s anything and I have to try that hummus—yummmm. I havent’ seen that one in the store, but I need to look closer next time! Thanks for sharing, Jess 🙂 Always love your food faves!

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  2. Hunida says:

    I usually don’t like white bread because it’s too sweet but Dave’s is my fave brand & I just recently saw that so I’m thinking it’s new?! I am a bit curious about it. I would also love to try that hummus! Yum! I’ve only tried deli meat by that brand!

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