Happy Birthday Babe!

I know I normally post Mondays and Thursdays, but I had to switch it up this week to wish hubs a happy, happy birthday!

I know I constantly go on about how I have the BEST husband, but you guys I REALLY do.

I don’t think there has been a single day since we got married that he has not made me laugh or at the very least smile.

There are a million little things he does for me- always makes sure that I get my cup of coffee in the morning no matter where we are in the world, reminds me to take my thyroid meds, when we walk on the sidewalk he always makes sure that I am not on the side the road is, feeds me every two hours even though he would be fine eating once a day, encourages my crazy cravings and on and on.

He is currently at an interview and I am at a Starbucks. He walked me into the Starbucks, got me settled in a nook and set me up with wifi on his iPad before he left. It’s not that I wouldn’t be fine if he just dropped me off, but he ALWAYS goes the extra mile.

I have the best husband in the world because despite my crazy, emotional, hangry moments he loves me.

Babe, I am so glad you were born 28 years ago today! You deserve all the best and I am so excited to celebrate you today because you are not just a great husband. You are a wonderful person-kind, generous, hard working, and not to mention a total hottie 😍!

Happy birthday my love! I love you so much 😚

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Babe!

  1. Cheila Belinda Cruz says:

    He sounds like the sweetest, most thoughtful guy. You can tell he loves you very much. This made me all warm inside because my fiancΓ© is just the same. He takes care of me and indulges me, always putting me first. Every girl should have a man like that. 😊 happy birthday to your husband πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚

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  2. Mackenzie says:

    happy birthday to your husband!!! He sounds like a gem! I totally laughed about the feeding you every 2 hours even though he could eat once a day….. oh, we are SO the same! My husband amazes me how he can go hours upon hours without food, but I’m crazing all day long haha. Such a sweet post, Jess!

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