A few weeks ago we went to Vegas for a quick little trip. I have very little to say other than Vegas is gorgeous and we definitely need to go back for longer than 24 hours next time so we can take it all in!

Since I have such few words here’s a little photo recap πŸ˜„


Earl of Sandwich


Chai tea with almond milk from Cuppa

We perused the beautiful indoor garden area at the Bellagio


This sleeping fairy really spoke to me for some reason…


We checked into the Encore. THE nicest hotel I have ever stayed in. SO gorgeous.

Lunch at El Segundo Sol started with chips, salsa, and unpictured is a big bowl of guac!


Tacos for the win…always!

Dessert always.


Dressed and dapper πŸ™‚


Delicious dinner that started off with this salad that was almost too gorgeous to eat. Sadly the picture does it no justice.


Steak, shrimp, and potato gratin


Dessert-what a dessert! Chocolate mousse, peanuts, and that white chocolate shell on top? It had a gold flake in it.


It was a whirlwind of a day and it’s something I will always treasure especially since I got to do it with my best human. Love you babe!

9 thoughts on “Vegas

  1. Mackenzie says:

    That sandwich doe— wow! There’s an indoor garden at the Bellagio?! I’ve heard that place is great- but wow oh wow! How awesome. You two are such a beautiful couple. I love your dress and shoes!! Pictures never do justice in the fine dining places because of the dim lighting- but it still looks soo yummy! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hunida says:

    Jess!! You two are the cutest couple ever, ever! If you ever come to Vegas for longer, we gotta do a little double dinner date. πŸ˜„ Where was that beautiful meal you had at anyways?!

    The sleeping fairy is so pretty. The Bellagio changes up their garden every season & I haven’t been there in a year; it’s always so beautiful though. & totally jealous you got to stay in the Encore. Definitely one of the most beautiful hotels on the whole strip! β™‘

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