A perfect meal

Well, this would definitely be ONE of my perfect meal ideas amongst many (I can’t pick a favorite of anything), but this one just will not get out of my head so I had to share.

One night for dinner through a series of events we decided on pizza, ice-cream, and brownies for dinner/dessert.

We had some cheese pizza which you know by this point is a favorite of mine πŸ™‚


And we made a boxed brownie which we added chocolate chips to so it would be extra fudgey, chocolatey and rich.


We decided to make those brownies because we bought this ice-cream.


Lemme tell ya friends. This combination was incredible. The warm brownie, the incredibly rich and creamy ice-cream-I die!


Major drools over here…

Now that I have shared one of my favorite meals I wanna know what your perfect meal would be. Talk to me in the comments!

Till next time!

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