The Irresponsible Tour

You know what I love most about living in LA? All the random stuff you can get into even during the week.


This last Thursday we were able to go and experience Kevin Hart’s stand up at the Hollywood Bowl. The show was at 8pm and so after hubby got off work he picked me up and we went to grab dinner to take to the Hollywood Bowl.

We went to Dan’s Subs and got the LA Pastrami and we had also packed a lunch bag with some drinks, baby carrots, and a few pieces of random mini candies we had laying around.


This was our first time seeing Kevin Hart and being at the Hollywood Bowl so it was quite the experience! If you’ve never been the Bowl is an amphitheater and it is actually pretty large. It was brimming with people!


No phones were allowed on or out during the performance so I couldn’t get any pics of him on stage, but I think it also just let us enjoy the moment 🙂


Kevin Hart was hilarious and I really enjoyed the way he told his jokes. If he is coming to your town for the Irresponsible Tour then you should definitely try and go!


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