The Tale of Bay Cities

I don’t know how, but we had somehow managed to not visit the Getty Villa in our nearly two years of living in LA.


We finally made it!

It is so beautiful-the architecture, the art, the garden. It’s seriously worth the visit if you are in LA.

We walked around taking in the art and the sunshine until we were tired and hungry. This is where Bay Cities came to save the day!

Bay Cities is an Italian deli and grocery store. We were here for the sandwiches!

We got the reuben with corned beef and the tri tip.ย The sandwiches were delicious (messy, but delicious) and the baguette holding it all together was dreamy.


We also had to get chips on the side because #childhood

And these rainbow cookies because it was bae’s childhood


Since we were so close we stopped by the Grove and had a donut. A sprinkled chocolate glazed donut to be exact.


How could we not?


Do you have a favorite local sandwich place?


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