My Travel Tips for Maui

I LOVED our recent trip to Maui! It was fun and adventurous and filled with delicious things, but there are some things I wish I knew before getting there.


Keep in mind this is my first visit to Maui so I am strictly speaking from my own experience. If you are an avid visitor of the island feel free to leave your tips down below 🙂

Here are some of my Maui hacks/tips/thoughts for a good stay:

Let’s start with packing:

1. Of course don’t forget your bathing suit and resort wear, but really don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray. Things are more expensive on the island and so save yourself some cash and bring stuff to protect you from the sun and the bugs!

2. Bring a light jacket/sweater. The weather is gorgeous a majority of the time, but it does get a little chilly at night (especially if you’re a baby when it comes to the cold-like me). Take said jacket/sweater to the Warren and Annabelle show if you go…even they recommend it when they send you the confirmation email!

Once there:

3. If you can get a car that will let you take the top down…there is nothing quite like driving through that fresh Maui breeze with the wind in your hair!

4. Just know that people, cars, things just tend to be more chill here so a 10 minute car ride might take 20 minutes. The great thing is wherever you look it’s gorgeous so just take that time to enjoy the view.


5. Eat local-whether it’s Hawaiian comfort food, fresh fish, or other local goodies it’s a part of the whole experience. In Maui, it seemed like a lot of the places were locally owned so we didn’t even have to do much research.

6. Check out Mama’s Fish House, but make sure you make reservations ahead of time. I have a whole post on Mama’s! It was that good 🙂

7. Have some cash on hand-in Maui most places take credit, but there are still some that only take cash. You will definitely need cash if you want to do the road to Hana because I don’t think anyone took credit!

8. That brings me to number 8- do the road to Hana!

When you’re making that drive to Hana:

9. Do your research and find mile markers you would be interested in stopping at. There are so many guides on the Road to Hana so make google your friend! Also, make sure you have it pulled up on your phone because we had ABSOLUTELY no service the whole road trip.

10. Be aware that it is a road with twists, turns, and some roads are single lane. Literally there is one lane for cars going both ways so keep your eyes open and follow signs to yield to oncoming traffic!

11. Bring your own food/snacks. Besides that banana bread at the Half Way to Hana Stand our food adventures were lackluster. There’s plenty of picnic areas with amazing views to eat at. It’ll be cheaper and tastier to bring your own, trust me!


12. Fill up on gas and bring cash. It’s a long trip and there aren’t a lot of gas stations I saw so make sure your tank is full. I know I already mentioned cash in number 7, but I just want to reiterate the importance.

13. Go the WHOLE way around on the Road to Hana. Don’t just turn back around at the last mile marker you stopped at.

14. Make the stop at black sand beach. It’s gorgeous and so worth it!

15. If you want to know some good food places check out my Maui Posts (links down below) #shamelessplug or there’s always our good friend Yelp 🙂

Maui Day 1

Maui Day 2

Maui Day 3

Maui Day 4

No matter how you choose to spend your time in Maui just enjoy it and embrace the island life!





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