A collection of Brioche Buns

I was looking through pictures in my phone and realized that I eat a lot of sourdough bread, but we also have our fair share of brioche buns.

Here’s a brioche breakfast sandwich


This is at Fritzi Coop


Last pic I’ll share is of burger night…we really LOVE these buns for burger night!


What is your favorite type of burger bun?

5 thoughts on “A collection of Brioche Buns

  1. Mrs.S LDN says:

    I love a good brioche, you would be amazed at how many places use it! In comparison to the plain white bun, it’s just so much richer. I sell these in my day job hahaha!! Great choice! Sourdough is pretty good too, nothing beats it toasted! Have you seen the black buns going around?? They are creeping into the London market! xxx

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