Century City Mall

I’m sure you have noticed, but when the hubs and I have a couple of days off together we like to go exploring. Lucky for us California has some great spots to explore πŸ™‚

I know that a mall isn’t some great big expedition, but we really enjoy mall walking (don’t judge!) and so off to Century City we went.


It is a really pretty mall and it has some amazing stores, but we went to walk and window shop.

We ended up stopping at Randy’s for a couple of donuts-the graham sugar topped one was the favorite.


Top is blueberry cake and bottom is the graham streusel

We also had Shake Shack and a slice of cheese from Gelson’s πŸ˜€


We had to stop by Eataly and check out all the breads and cheeses and pastas.

How could we leave without some dreamy Italian chocolates?


I think Eataly was my favorite part (are we surprised?). Let me know if you’ve had a chance to go to Eataly or enjoy mall walking as much as we do!

Till next time guys and gals!

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