Oh the food we will eat…Cheesetella

Cheesecake is delicious. Cheesetella Cheesecake? Unbelievable.


Before getting started I’m linking a YouTube video about Cheesetella and the types of cake they make.

Cheesetella is a cute little shop located in the food court of the Korea Town Plaza. They have the nicest people who take time to explain their cakes and answer any questions you may have.

We went specifically for the cheesecake and ended up leaving with more than just the cheesecake…what’s new?


Opening the box was the biggest surprise because we were expecting slices of cake, but ended up basically getting two whole cakes. It was one of the best surprises!

Now on to the cakes!

This cheesecake is slightly sweet with a light and fluffy texture. It is the most wonderful experience.


Their Creamtella is two fluffy sponge cakes layered  with luscious cream. It is the best kind of sandwich situation!


Whether you like cheesecake or not, whether you have a sweet tooth or not you should try out Cheesetella! Their cakes make a nice sweet treat or perfect ending to any meal 🙂

Let me know if you have tried out Cheesetella in the comments below!

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