Goodness of Sourdough Bread

I LOVE bread and it’s not a secret. It is a very rare that I meet a bread I don’t like, but with that being said when I’m picking up a bread for home I am pretty picky. I used to be a huge buyer of whole grain bread, but I think I just got tired of it so I stopped buying it.

Once we moved to California I started buying more sourdough and at first it was solely for taste reasons, but I soon realized it’s so much more than just delicious.


There are a few reasons why sourdough is my bread of choice (all the time, but especially at home):

  1. It has a great shelf life. The hubs doesn’t eat bread…he doesn’t love it the way I do so buying a loaf of bread for one person didn’t make sense. It would go bad before I could finish it OR it would have a nice long list of ingredients to preserve the bread and make it last longer than the fries at McDonald’s. Neither of those were good options for me. I hate wasting food and I love whole food. Sourdough lasts what seems like forever and true sourdough has few ingredients.
  2. Short ingredient list-if you’re looking for a true sourdough it should just be flour, starter, water, and salt
  3. It’s great for your gut-I’m a believer that when it comes to your gut that every little bit helps and if I can get some Lactobacillus from my bread…why not?? I know I don’t always feel like eating yogurt or drinking kefir and those days a nice warm slice of sourdough is so inviting!
  4. No blood sugar spike! We know that carbs can spike up our blood sugar and leave us hungry (hangry, in my case) a few hours later. Not true with sourdough-it keeps it pretty steady.
  5. Taste 🙂 I told you already that this is what drew me in, but that’s what keeps me here as well. You can tell me that it’s a miracle bread, but I probably wouldn’t eat it if it tasted bad. I love the tangy, savory flavor! It’s my favorite!

Do you love sourdough? Tell me what your favorite bread is down below 🙂

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