Oh the food we will eat…Howlin’ Ray’s

If you haven’t heard about Howlin’ Ray’s it’s a hot chicken spot that is extremely popular. I feel like there is/has been a hot chicken craze sweeping California and Howlin’ Ray’s is supposed to be one of the best.


After having visited Howlin’ Ray’s I will say that you should go because, if nothing else, it is an experience.

Let’s start from the beginning where you will come and experience a nice long line. Bring  good friends and family to wait with you so you can catch up during this time. If you can’t find anyone to wait in line with you for 1-3 hours then bring a good book or make sure your phone is charged 🙂


Our wait was about an hour and a half and after reading some Yelp reviews I think we were lucky. There have been people that wait 3 plus hours! They close at 4, but the good news is that they will continue to serve anybody that is in line. That’s pretty amazing customer service!

The good service continues as you step into the restaurant. It’s small, but it’s bustling. Every worker is smiling and high fiving anyone and everyone and none of it impedes with how quickly they are crankin’ out that fried chicken. It’s a beautiful thing to behold after waiting an hour and a half.



We ordered the quarter chicken (mild heat) and also a hot chicken sando (moderate heat). There is a scale varying from country to howlin’ heat so you pick the spice level you want so no worries about burning your mouth or not having enough heat…they have you covered!


The sandwich was our fave, but the chicken was crispy, juicy, and tender. The level of heat was perfect for both!


We really enjoyed our experience-the chicken and service were above and beyond-but the line kills me. Don’t get me wrong I am glad that we had a chance to experience Howlin’ Ray’s and if you can go I highly recommend it because as I said it is quite the experience!

Have you tried Howlin’ Ray’s?

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