Oh the food we will eat…Don Francisco’s

We were first introduced to Don Francisco because of our “let’s try all the coffee” phase (still currently an ongoing situation). We have a Keurig at home and we tried a few flavors from Don Francisco’s and fell in love. The Kona Blend and Hawaiian Hazelnut are our faves!


Anyway, the hubs texted me a pic of a brick and mortar Don Francisco’s he found on Yelp. I may have squealed! Upon further investigating we learned they not only have delicious Cuban coffee, but also Cuban sammies. Uh yes. This was happening!


And so it did! One beautiful Saturday we headed to DTLA to hit up Don Francisco’s. I got a cafe con leche and the hubby got a cold brew. We shared the vaca frita sandwich.


My cafe con leche was a thing of beauty. It was so smooth and creamy and perfectly sweetened. The hubs really enjoyed his iced coffee as well!


The vaca frita contained flank steak, peppers, onions, and garlic mojo sauce between fresh Cuban bread. This sandwich was like no other-the bread was flaky and chewy and crunchy. The contents were saucy and savory and flavorful.


If you love coffee or sandwiches and live in LA you have to check out Don Francisco’s. This will be a pitstop for us when we’re in the DTLA area!

If you live in LA what are some of your favorite sandwich or coffee places? Let me know in the comments!




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