Blackened Salmon Sandwich

The first dish we decided to make from Plated was the (you guessed it) the blackened salmon sandwich. This dish combines my love of delicious carb (the bread) with anything blackened and seafood.


I really loved the fact that this sandwich came with a salad (they call it a slaw) so no extra prep was needed for a side…in fact, I believe that most of the dishes we got comes with a side built in…already winning!


The sandwich contained the salmon, remoulade made of capers, pickles, and mayo, and topped with dinosaur kale and fennel slaw for a fresh kick.


It was definitely one of my favorite dishes we have made at home to date. It was savory and fresh and super filling. I enjoyed how well the flavors melded together and the buns held together nicely.


This was a 5 star dish in my opinion and I would definitely pick this dish to make again!



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