Leftover Transformations

“Transformation” may be a little dramatic, but I really do like to pizazz up (is that an actual saying??) my leftovers! It can be leftover take-out or just left-over ingredients from previous recipes.


Here are some of my favorite transformations as of late:

This shrimp and zoodles included leftover crushed tomato and leftover pesto. I made two different types of zoodles (one with tomatoes and one pesto)! Both were delicious and nothing went to waste!


After making zoodles I had 1 zucchini leftover…what is a girl to do? I made breakfast tacos 🙂 I seasoned (and spiced) up chunks of zuch and added in eggs and cheddar cheese. It was spicy and savory and oh so good 🙂


This last one is a take-out transformation, but it was pretty simple (not really a transformation at all…). I took my left-over pad thai and threw in another egg #protein and stir-fried in some cruciferous mix for extra health!


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