Hello Fresh: BBQ Chicken

We decided to do a subscription with Hello Fresh, a meal subscription box. It delivers ingredients for specific dishes you have picked out to cook. I like the idea because it means no waste since they only send you the amount you need for your household. For a smaller household like ours (just me and the hubs) this is great!

We had picked 3 dishes: chicken, pizza, and burger. If you couldn’t tell by the title-we went for the chicken dish first 🙂


The chicken dish is actually a bbq chicken thigh served with a pasta salad. The pasta salad was comprised of penne pasta, mozz, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and onion all tossed in with a pre-made pesto. The zucchini and onion were roasted with salt and pep before going into the salad.


We did end up making some changes to the dish since neither of us are big pasta salad people. It’s crazy considering how much I love my carbs, but really just give me bread and buttah any day. So we made our side of veggies with no mozz and no pasta.

We also added a side salad to get in some more leafy green goodness because who couldn’t use more greens in their life, right?!


This dish overall was way more delicious than we thought it was going to be. The chicken was juicy and slightly charred from being in the oven. The zucchini and tomato was basil-y and fresh from the pesto.

I think I would give this dish 5 outta 5 chicken thighs 🙂

We have two dishes left and you guys know how much we love our pizza and burgers so stay tuned for those posts! Till next time, have a lovely Monday!

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