Dinner at Joey’s

For dinner one night we decided to get cleaned up and head to Joey Woodland Hills. We’ve been here once before and the food and service were both awesome and we had talked about going back many times and decided tonight is the night!


The bestest husband…how cute is he!

We were super hungry (surprise, surprise) and decided to split two main courses. We love to share/split things-does anybody else do this?


We picked the house flavor rotisserie chicken (Asian inspired that night) and a steak dish as well. Both came with veggies, the chicken also came with mashed potatoes, and the steak came with “loaded crispy mashed potatoes” which ended up being mashed potatoes in a spring roll wrapper.


The steak


The chicken

We devoured everything! I was really impressed with the steak and the crispy loaded mash (just ask the husband, I haven’t stopped talking about it). The service was spot on and we really enjoyed our evening out!

What are some of your favorite dinner spots?


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