Fruit Favorites

I LOVE fruit, I love everything about it. The sweetness, the different textures, even the smell…hi, I’m Jess, the crazy fruit lady.

And when it’s summer time I crave watermelons and mangoes and grapes. To me, summer is not complete until I have eaten a store full of watermelon!


That being said, I have had no good mangoes this season and it’s slightly heartbreaking so I’ve been burying my sadness into bowls of grapes.

If you haven’t already guessed watermelon ranks pretty high on this list of favorites. It’s juicy and sweet and it has a lot of health benefits. It is high in vitamin C, it’s shown to improve eye health, decrease inflammation, hydrating so on and so forth, but I eat it because it’s delicious!


Bananas are a year-round fruit for me-they are great toppers for toast, waffles, yogurt, overnight oats. They stand alone or go wonderfully with some nut butter. Whatever way you slice them they are a tasty treat (I sound like a commercial, but I promise this is not a #spons 😉 )


I love grapes, especially (mostly) red ones, but I saw these champagne grapes and wanted to try them after reading this post on Become Betty. Mine were green and a little tart, but still cute and yummy!


Lychee is a totally new fruit for me, but I am super happy I spotted them at a grocery store. They are sweet and mildly flavored, unusually addictive. The only way I can describe it is if you have ever peeled the skin off of a grape and eaten it-it’s that texture, but smoother…Does that make sense?!


All my lychee eaters and experts let me know if my description sounds right. I hope you lovelies have a wonderful Friday 🙂



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