Blue Apron: Spanish Style Eggs

I had mentioned in a previous post that we decided to check out Blue Apron and this egg dish is one that we chose to come in our box. I had also said that I would post reviews of all three meals so I am here to do just that!


Let me start by saying when it comes to cooking, I am not a follow the recipe type human. I love throwing in random things and making it my way, but for the sake of getting a real feel for Blue Apron we followed the recipe to a T.

To start with, they have these lovely recipe cards. The front includes all the ingredients you need to make that particular dish. The back is the actual recipe…so far so good!


The recipe itself is easy to follow and doesn’t require much guess work. In this dish we basically have eggs in a tomato based sauce filled with onions, potatoes, peppers and zucchini. There was also some parm to put on top of the eggs, bread to toast up, and an aioli to be made.

There is some prep work with this particular meal-mostly just chopping up veggies. Could be annoying if you’re trying to get a meal together super quick, but to be completely fair it didn’t take that long.

Everything came together pretty easily overall, but now for the taste test (my favorite part 🙂 )


We both really enjoyed this dish! It was savory and sweet from the tomato paste that went in. The zucchini and potatoes were tender, but not mushy. The garlic aioli that we made went really well together with the eggs and delicious toast. It really added creaminess and brought the whole dish together.


Could we have made this dish at home pretty easily? Yeah we could have, BUT there are touches like the aioli that I would never have thought of. That aioli really added an extra oomph that made it that much more delicious.

I think that’s what is fun about a box like this-it gets you inspired to try other ingredients the next time you are cooking on your own.


This dish was a major success for us and has us even more excited to try the next one!

Have you guys tried this dish with Blue Apron?

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