How the Whole Balance Thing is Going

I am a huge believer in balance with everything in life (just like any person) and I have major disdain for deprivation. That doesn’t mean being balanced comes easy and when life gets a little crazy everything seems a bit thrown off.


All the things I usually take for granted got a little thrown in the blender when we moved. Things like working out, eating fresh food, and having balanced meals were nonexistent for a while.

We ate out a LOT including some late night T-Bell runs and had no gym to go to. Even if we would have had a gym, we certainly didn’t have the time or energy.


After about a month and a half we have unpacked our weight scale and just for giggles I thought I would hop on and see the number. Guess what? I weigh the exact same as I had before the move when we were eating well and working out.

I thought back and realized that during this time I was still working full time-so on my feet for 12 hours-and having another full time job of painting and moving and building (again lots of activity).

I didn’t have too much time to think about food until I was hungry and I would listen to my body and feed it what it needed. Okay, the T-Bell runs were more about late night cravings and exhaustion, but it all works out.


When I started this blog I believed that as long as we stay active (no matter the activity) and listened to our body we could find balance with health and enjoying our life. I still feel this way.

Health and balance doesn’t always come in the form of gyms and big green salads, sometimes it’s a late night T-Bell run and building some IKEA furniture 😉

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