Ikea…My Storage Hero

You probably don’t know this, but we have moved 🙂 That is, of course, total sarcasm! I feel like I’ve written a lot of posts on moving and painting and furnituring. Anyways, our new home doesn’t have too much in the way of storage so we have had to get a tad creative with our space.

Ikea has been our go-to place to find some cute ways to stash our things. We’ve also been using crates and baskets to keep everything looking neat and tidy! Having a bunch of stuff laying out drives me a tad crazy so you could say that the crates have been helping me keep my sanity 😀

Let’s move on to all the things:

This little nook is actually at the entrance of our home and I kinda love it. The coat/purse rack you are seeing is from Ikea and I am planning on getting a couple more for our closet. I’ve always wanted a place to hang all my bags and I think this will do wonderfully. Since it is also in the picture the mirror is from Home Goods and the key hook is from Target.


Yes that is a gold frame leaning against our staircase…long story short, it was a part of the light fixture in our kitchen. The hubs decided to take it all down! This grey piece was supposed to go in the entryway, but ended up being too big. We opted for the area in our staircase. We are using it as the catch all table. We’ve hidden some random rubber bands and sticky notes in the drawers and no-one’s the wiser.


Let me start by saying that this thing is MASSIVE! Our initial plan was to get one that had wider sides, but they didn’t have all the pieces. Well thank the good Lord for that because  this “smaller” one fits a LOT better in our space. I love the farmhouse vibes it gives me 🙂


I love beverages and this utility cart from Ikea has become the thing that holds all our beloved drinks! It’s cute, has wheels, and gives us plenty of hydration…what more could one girl ask for?


Gray shelving unit to hold all of our sweets and snacks. It’s the perfect size and I love the minimalistic openness of the whole thing. We got all three of the bigger crates from Ross and the two at the top are from Target!


I’ve been really enjoying seeing this house become our home. It hasn’t been the smoothest of rides, but we are putting a lot of love into this place and it’s rewarding to see it become ours.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what some of your favorite Ikea finds are. Have a gorgeous weekend lovelies!

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