Oh the food we will eat…Fritzi Coop

Eating at the Fritzi Coop happened completely by accident. We happened to be at the Grove and I happened to need a snack. I was thinking something small to get me through till dinner, but the hubs also decided he was in need of a snack so we figured we would split something.


We mosied around all the stalls until we stumbled into the Fritzi Coop. We were initially looking at their wings…they were all out so we settled on the Red Rooster. It was a grilled chicken breast, sriracha lime aioli, and fresno pepper slaw.

We also couldn’t help but get some curly fries 🙂

I have had many chicken sandwiches in my time and this one by far outshines all the rest. It was spicy and crunchy from the slaw and aioli, but the chicken was perfectly juicy and tender. The bun was soft and pillowy, but held up so well to all the ingredients.


The curly fries were crispy on the outside and had a nice fluffy inside. Our taste buds were delighted and our tummies were full and happy!

If we are ever at the Grove and in need of a snack I know where I’ll be going 😉

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