Home Favorites

I think my favorite part of the moving process has to be shopping for home items. Target has always been a bestie, but now that list has grown to include Home Goods, Ross, Ikea and so on. I wanted to share with you a few finds that I am just loving!

These coasters. I just think they are so beautiful!


Salt and pepper shakers from Target. We didn’t need them, but they just were going to go so well with the rest of the house so how could we not?!?


A fruit bowl. We didn’t have one (we had been using a colander) so this was a great find at Home Goods 🙂


This crate. It’s been great for stashing away cups and bowls so everything looks nice and neat.


What are some of your favorite items that you have in your home?

11 thoughts on “Home Favorites

  1. Mrs.S LDN says:

    I am loving the hints of blue!! And the wooden crates…. 😍
    At the moment Im trying to declutter so anything not with a relative function has been chucked…. Im kinda being ruthless……
    Looking forward to more posts like this, love having a good nose at this stuff 🙂

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