Eats from last week

We’ve been enjoying some delicious food recently-some homemade and some not 😉 Here is some of what we ate…

Poké and miso soup


Scrambled eggs and spinach in a pan because life is easier when you can cook and eat in one dish #adulting


It had been a serious minute since we had been to Oi so we were long overdue. We shared the loco burger bowl and karaage chicken. I think we would pass on the chicken next time, but the bowl was delicious as always.



I really wanted some avocado toast, but since we had no sourdough I made due with an everything bagel. Topped it with a fried egg and some Everything But the Bagel seasoning from TJ’s and it was perfection!


Frozen yogurt is always a must when it’s been as hot as it has been


This delicious brunch meal of lobster and shrimp omelette, potatoes, and an everything bagel was just everything.


We also had some fun at Smorgasburg eating it up!

I hope everybody is having an amazing start to the week! See you lovelies Friday 🙂

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