Paint rolling…the new workout craze

Did you know that moving is basically like one big, fat workout? Well, trust me friends. It is. Rolling paint onto walls? Another workout. My whole body has been sore the past couple of weeks. As the housework has slowed down and the sore muscles have been soothed we started looking for a gym.

We had been super blessed to have a built in gym at our previous apartments, but now that we moved into our own little home we knew we wanted to find a nice little place to get in a good workout.

We tried out a few gyms in our area, but have finally found one that we both loved! I cannot even tell you how excited I am.

You don’t need a gym for a good workout, but I absolutely love going. I love the different cardio machines for my quick cardio session. I adore playing with all the machines and figuring out how they work. It makes working out fun for me!

What is your favorite way to sweat it out? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, happy weekending my loves!

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