Eats during the move

This is a food blog and I have been neglecting the food part of it recently. So to make up for it I figured I would bring you some of the meals we have been eating during the past couple of crazy weeks!

Chipotle is usually a win and in this massive burrito bowl I had chicken and sofritas, black beans, all the salsa, rice and shredded romaine to top it all off.


This next meal was from Daphne’s…it was a basic chicken stuffed in pita situation. Fries on the side because when you work hard, you eat hard 😉


Lots of Veggie Grill also happened during this time. Santa Fe blackened ‘chicken’ sandwich


We had seen these everything bagels at the grocery store by Dave’s (Dave’s of Dave’s Killer Bread) and had been wanting to try it. They ended up being okay-I like more onion flavor than this had. I made an egg and cheese sammie here. TJ’s cruciferous crunch mix on the side topped with balsamic.


I ate a few blueberry topped waffles during some busy mornings. For an extra punch I have been adding Justin’s almond butter because it’s just awesomeness in nut butter form.


We made some shrimp cauliflower fried rice one night! Sadly, by the time I got to making dinner and taking a picture the lighting was awful.


Veggie Grill again and fries again. These fries were such perfection: crispy, fluffy and just everything I needed.


We had this weekend off and decided to brunch it up at Cici’s. We had a shrimp scramble (Boursin on the side instead of inside the scramble) with hash on the side.


My husband always makes the MOST photogenic frozen yogurt creations. I don’t have that touch, but this was yummy and totally hit the spot on a hot Saturday. Watermelon sorbet+vanilla=all the heart eye emojis


I realize I don’t have very many dessert pics. I think it may have to do with the combination of sweet tooth and impatience 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I miss writing more and I can’t wait to get back into a routine so thank you for your patience. Have a great week!


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