Life Update

Hi friends! I thought it would be a good time for a small chat and life update. To start of with there won’t be any blogs up this week (other than this one). I like putting up content I am proud of and I didn’t want to rush to create more posts when my life is in a bit of chaos at the moment.


Not to worry though…it’s the good kind of chaos 🙂 we’re actually moving! We are staying in SoCal, but just moving to a different location. Moves can be a bit tedious between the packing and the dreadful realization that you have indeed accumulated more things!

Thankfully, I love getting organized and getting things situated so that’s what I have been doing with any spare time I have. I wanted to get settled a bit and get some odds and ends fixed up at the new place so it could feel like home.

That’s all I have for now, but I’ll try to give you guys some updates when we’re done with the move. I hope you guys have a lovely Monday!

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