My Eyes are Bigger Than My Stomach

It’s really true. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach! I also just like to try little bits of everything instead of having one big thing. I wanted to share some pics from our weekend off that illustrate the enormity of my eyeballs.


These cookies…I think we both wanted to try all of the cookies from cookie good and so we picked more than we could eat. Not to worry I nibbled on them for a couple of days after!


From left to right: Brownie cookie, salted caramel pretzel, chocolate chunk, red velvet

My favorites (we all know I can’t choose just one) included the chocolate brownie in the cookie and chocolate chip and salted caramel pretzel. The hubs really enjoyed salted caramel pretzel. I love that the have such creatively flavored cookies.


The cheeto cookie: slightly sweet, chewy, with a nice cheeto flavor

Oh, we also got the Cheeto flavored one which surprisingly was pretty good!

I was really craving IHOP on Sunday and decided that I wanted some sweet and savory.

I couldn’t go there and not get pancakes. I mean it is called the International House of Pancakes for crying out loud!


Plus egg whites and hashbrowns. It was all so good! I stole some salsa from B’s breakfast and it totally hit the spot.


Hubby did have to finish my eggs though…but I don’t think he minded 🙂

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach or is it just us?!

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