My Sources of Protein

When I say my sources of protein I mean my main sources of protein. This is what I eat during a busy week when we’re both working. These are items we always have on hand and that I crave and reach for to add some extra oomph to my meals. These things keep me from being hungry 30 minutes later!

Fairlife Skim Milk: I know it’s super specific, but I really love this especially when I’m having something like a waffle for breakfast. It’s got a healthy dose of protein at 13 grams per cup!

Eggs: I wrote a whole post on my love for these so I won’t go on, but they are so easy and versatile that I can’t help keep these in rotation.


Cheddar Cheese: Any cheese, really. I add these to my breakfast burritos or add it into my veggie burritos and I have a yummy and filling meal.

Nut butter: I’ve been taking these Justin’s Almond Butter packets to work to add in some extra calories and protein. Nut butters are great for a protein pick me up and go well with whatever carb you have on hand!


I don’t calories or macros, I just eat what sounds good to me and try to pick the most whole options. I love toast, but I know eating toast alone will leave me hungry a little later so I add avocado and eat a boiled egg with it. Those are all things I love and when I combine them I help my body feel full and happy 🙂

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