The Little Things

That’s what happiness is about, right? The little things? I took some quick snaps of a few things that made me smile during the week and thought I would share them with you.

Okay I know you’re going to look at this first pic and think, “has she lost it??” Hear me out, I am a TERRIBLE egg peeler. I ruin beautifully boiled eggs with my impatient (sometimes hangry) peeling. THIS egg though…it peeled so nicely. I ended up with my first (possibly only) perfectly peeled egg.


On my walk to get the mail I saw this little guy just chillin’ in the grass and I mean c’mon how cute is this?!


I was feeling hungry and munchy and these almonds came in clutch (as my hubs would say). They were chili and lime flavored almonds and they were delicious!


What’s giving you a little boost of happiness today?

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