Seattle Part 3

I wasn’t completely honest in my last post…I know I said those were our food highlights, but I didn’t include one small, teensy part-Pike Place.

I mean c’mon…it was my first trip to Seattle. I was obviously going to Pike Place to be the tourist that stood in every line to take in a bite of history (my poor, sweet husband)!


The whole time we walked around the market I had a smile permanently plastered on my face…ear to ear. I took in every amazing smell I could possibly take in. I smelled everything from the fish to the flowers and couldn’t have been happier about the whole thing.

One place that was top of our list to try was Pike Place Chowder. Talking about lines-this one was loooong, but it went by very quickly. Having never had chowder (gasp!) we opted for the sampler. It was so good, but so incredibly filling. I started to worry I may not be eating for the rest of the day.


Not to worry, I definitely did eat again and when I did it was at Piroshky Piroshky. Again, there was a line and again it went by quickly. We decided on the salmon pate and cinnamon walnut braid. The salmon pate was our favorite out of the two!


It was steaming hot and I’m pretty sure we both burned our tongues, but it was worth it!

Pike Place Market was one of my favorite parts of this trip, but Seattle overall was wonderful! What are your favorite places to visit?

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