Seattle Part 2

Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the mini trip to Portland ;). That being said here are some of our food highlights from Seattle:

Concluding our delicious meal at Lola we walked around downtown Seattle a bit, but soon enough our exhaustion gave in and we took a nice long nap at our air BNB.

After our arduous day of eating and napping we needed some fuel so we walked to a little coffee shop for a snack.


We had a LOT of coffee from Seattle and I also had quite a few iced chais


Everything bagel, lox, and arugula

This next pic is breakfast from our second day at another coffee shop. It was Seattle…#allthecoffee #coffeeshopgalore


This egg and cheese creation was amazing. You could say it was unicorn worthy…

After breakfast we took a quick stroll to yet another coffee shop for this almond croissant. We were wanting dessert after breakfast because that’s what you do when you vacation. You have dessert with every meal 🙂


Would you hate me if I said this too was unicorn worthy?!

On our way back from Portland we decided to hit up Pie Bar in Seattle. It’s a bar that has pies (sweet and savory) and alcohol…obviously.

We opted for the chicken pot pie and peanut butter pie. The lighting wasn’t very good so I’m sorry for the blurry, oddly colored photos. The pies were delicious though!


Chicken pot pie with salad


Peanut butter pie


Matcha tea with pistachio milk. SO. GOOD.

Our last meal in Seattle ended up being tacos and I have no regrets!


And a couple of “baby” burritos…


I hope you guys are enjoying these posts. Come on back Monday for the conclusion of Seattle 🙂 Meanwhile, have a great weekend!!

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