Seattle Part 1

I hope you are all having a blessed and beautiful Monday! I’ve been sitting here reminiscing about our recent trip to Seattle and decided I should share it with you. I can honestly say I absolutely fell in love with this place.

Instead of cramming our few days trip into one post I thought I would try to break it up into a few posts so I suppose this would be considered part 1 🙂


Sleep deprived selfie…

We woke up around 3am to make our flight so by the time we got to Seattle we were tired and hungry. We did have breakfast and coffee at Starbucks in LAX, but that was many hours ago. We needed some fuel! This is how we ended up at our first food location, Lola. We wanted a nice warm, hearty breakfast and Lola served up that and much more. The ambiance was hustling and bustling. There were plates and cups clanking and people chattering…it was kind of what we needed.


The breakfast menu was concise and everything sounded delicious. We finally decided to split one dish despite our eyes being larger than our stomachs. We knew we’d be trying things throughout the day and stuffing ourselves at breakfast would hinder our ability to check out anything else for a while #foodieproblems


Instead of going for an omelet or eggs benny like we normally would we opted for Tom’s Favorite Breakfast. It was one of those interesting dishes that contained some fun ingredients such as Mediterranean octopus and nettle yogurt. It also had peas, potatoes, onions and a soft poached egg…it was described to us as a type of hash.


I thoroughly savored every bite…I was in hash heaven. The different textures and tastes that I never thought of being together were married happily in this one beautiful bowl.


We were happy and full and absolutely satisfied! No food left on this plate…


We had a few days stay and had a great time exploring, drinking, and eating our way through this gorgeous city so stay tuned for the next post!

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