Weekend Adventuring Continues

We’ve really been trying to make the most of our days off together and in that spirit decided for an impromptu visit to San Diego. We loved our first visit here and have been waiting for a good time to revisit and find more to explore!

When I know I have one of these trips coming up I will use the day before to fuel my body with some extra goodness. I do this for 2 reasons: 1) my body does great on whole foods and 2) we usually let our foodie selves enjoy all the eats and this doesn’t always involve veggies.

This meal is a prime example of “extra goodness”


We’re all about including in plenty of activity so we started with a walk around the San Diego Zoo


We then grabbed some lunch at Oscar’s…it’s an awesome seafood taco place. If you are ever in the area you gotta check them out.



Top left to bottom right: grilled fish, battered fish, surf n’turf, grilled spicy shrimp

Dessert was at Boba Bar and Dessert. We got some PB and chocolate creation-I know you are all shocked


We had some amazing, unpictured slices of pizza from Bronx Pizzeria. What can I say? We were hungry and the pizza looked magnificent

We walked around downtown San Diego and wandered over to Donut Bar for some of the largest, heaviest donuts I have ever laid eyes on. We ended up with 3 donuts: The Homer (pink cake batter glaze with sprinkles), Caramel Macchiato (the one with the whipped cream in the middle), and a chocolate one that I can’t recall the name.


I swooned over The Homer while the hubs really loved the chocolate creation


We came home Sunday with many errands to run and things to do before our workweek began.

After all the running around we opted for a relaxed night of poke and catching up!


What do you guys have planned for this weekend??

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