Faves on Fridays

OH man! It’s been a minute since I have officially done one of these, but I have a few things I have really been loving so I couldn’t help, but share them!

This almond milk and honey body butter from the Body Shop. It says it’s supposed to be super moisturizing for sensitive skin and I can honestly say it does just that! I’ve been really loving body butter in general and I always notice a difference in my skin after using it.


Friends on Netflix is another favorite…this is actually my second time watching it all the way through. It is just a great show and I still laugh out loud! Anybody else?!


How could I do one of these and not mention a food favorite, right? These mochis from TJ’s are amazing. That store never ceases to amaze me! The mango and strawberry are my current favorites, green tea flavor is good, and I have yet to try chocolate!


Last but CERTAINLY not least, is this beautiful Kate Spade crossbody. It was an anniversary gift from the hubs (insert gazillions of heart eye emojis here)


What have you been loving lately?! Leave a comment down below!

23 thoughts on “Faves on Fridays

  1. Mrs.S LDN says:

    mochis Are one of those things I can never decide if I like or loathe! Seriously!! Think it’s the texture.
    Kate spade…… Drools…… Lucky you 😀 not one bit jealous or anything……. Haha xxx

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