Paradise Falls and Mouthful Eatery

You guys know how much I love being active and eating so when you combine those two things…well it’s basically my perfect day.

Luckily for me, my husband also enjoys those things as much as I do so all of our fun eating days include exploring the place around us on foot!

On a gorgeous Sunday we headed out for a hike at Paradise Falls. It’s a nice hike and at the end of the journey you get to sit and rest next to the cool falls-beautiful and calming!


We had worked out that morning and then hiked so despite having a mini breakfast and a snack at the falls we were starving! We yelped restaurants in the area and stumbled upon Mouthful Eatery.

We decided to split the lomo saltado and and south by southwest salad.

The lomo saltado contained skirt steak, sautéed red onion, tomatoes, steak fries (yes, steak fries) and house aioli. The sandwich probably didn’t need the fries to be honest, but it was a hearty and filling. The flavors were on point!


The salad had chicken, avocado, romaine, charred corn, black beans, tomato, cheddar, pumpkin seeds with a cilantro-jalapeno ranch dressing.

Our legs may have felt like jelly, but our bellies were full and happy!

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